Quantum Touch Healing –Workshop for Two

Quantum Touch Healing –Workshop for Two
May 20, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Over the weekend Miro and I took a weekend workshop called Quantum Touch Healing. In essence, it’s learning how to do energy work or healing by raising your vibration and focusing energy to help raise the vibration of those you are working on. In other words, you are not healing another person by doing something to them, you are raising your own vibration and through the law of nature, combining your energy with another person, their energy raises to match yours. High vibrations are the state of healing and as we all know, the body is designed to heal itself. Since on a quantum level, energy is thought, energy actually follows thought, focusing and channeling your thoughts are enough to actually affect the body. Sounds simple? It is.

The cost of the workshop was combined $500 for both Miro and I and we received 2 days of hands on training. I tend to learn better by doing and felt the structure of the workshop would provide a better learning environment for both of us to learn together. However, if you are interested, you can buy the book that teaches everything we learned in the workshop for $13.57 on Amazon.

Miro is a powerful healer, and one woman in our workshop gave us some amazing affirmations about Miro. Her name is Barbara and has the ability to see colors and energy fields. She said Miro is indeed an indigo child, and has a strong (and to her visual) connection to a higher source. In other words she saw a beautiful lavender light emanating from Miro to the heavens. She also told the class we were honored to be in the presence of such an amazing child. Ok, I know he’s amazing, but it was so lovely to hear this about my child.

The main motivation for us taking the workshop has to do with our upcoming travels and adventure. I wanted to have a skill that we could give as a gift to those that are going to host us, and wanted to be able to offer something of gratitude to the many amazing people we are going to encounter.

During the workshop we experienced many amazing healings and actually felt the heat and vibrations as we worked on one another. I was getting a healing for my sacrum and hips, which were measurable, unbalanced before the healing. We measured my hips, and the right hip was about 1 ½ inches higher than the left. One of the students focused her energy on my hip and I actually experienced the movement of my hip rotating involuntary. It was amazing. The last day of the workshop, everyone on class ran energy into a Dixie cup with about an inch of a beverage of choice. I used a pilsner beer one of the other students brought. After running energy into the beverage we tasted it and then tasted the “control cup” which we did not run energy into. Remarkably, the beer I ran energy into was unmistakeably flat and extremely bitter. The control cup was normal, (even though of course, beer is bitter). The difference in taste was remarkable and never run energy into an expensive bottle of wine for I fear it would remove all the tasty flavor.

I’m totally committed to practicing and honing in our skills as “healers”. I’ve offered free healing to any and all who would like it and urge anyone who is interested, either learning this skill for themselves or letting us know how we can be of service. Like I mentioned, there are books that teach the method so you don’t need to go to a workshop, but I personally prefer a hands-on, workshop approach.

If you want to learn more about Quantum Touch, go to their web site by clicking here.

Last, want to give a shout out to our amazing teacher and healer in his own right, Charlie Blanchard, the Bald Guru.


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