We ♥ Our Supporters!

We Thank You From the Bottom of our Hearts!

We have been overwhelmed by the kind words of support and encouragement we’ve received so far on our journey.

We do, however want to thank a few people who have opened up their wallets and have donated to our  travels, and for that WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!

We are so honored to receive your gifts and so appreciative for your kind gesture of support. We want you to know that although we live frugally, your donations help us participate in the communities we visit and contribute  to the local economy.  We often volunteer our time and energy to contribute in our host communities and  feel this is the best education Miro can ever have. Your donations are a contribution towards Miro’s education as a global citizen.

We  produce our podcasts ourselves and want you to know that every single dollar we receive, from five dollars on up,  help us so much as we continue our journey across the globe.

For this, we thank you.

From the bottom of our hearts, much gratitude and love to these people who believe and support our adventure:

♥ Sashya Amee

♥ Ivan Amador

♥ Bradford Ackerman

♥ Heather on Her Travels

♥ Chip Jacobs

♥ Eric Hammond

♥ Sonia Kim

♥ Terence O’Dowd

♥ Billy Horn

♥ Tuan Vutran

♥ Scott Van Pelt


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