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If you have a travel related business, conscious business or regional service and you think our audience would be a fit, please consider advertising with us. You can sponsor a monthly podcast, have your ad read before or after the podcast and you will have a link to your site from the individual podcast page which will remain live for the life of this site.

By advertising with us during the early inception of the podcast and travel blog,  you will receive more bang for your buck. By getting in early, your advertisements will remain as an active link on our site for a longer time frame AND our rates are sure to go up as our numbers go up. It’s an unique opportunity to grow the value of your one-time advertising dollar for years to come.

Our travels started in 2009, and have been going non-stop since then. Miro and I are committed to travel until 2018, when he turns 18, so the value of  a permanent link-backs  to your site, which is stable for many years is a valuable SEO bonus. Additionally we are one of the first in our niche market, attracting RTW travelers, single parents, those interested in lifestyle change, memoirs of a female travelers (ala Eat, Pray, Love) and an sharing in the relationship between a mother and her son, creating loyal relationships along the way.

As our audience grows, so will the value of your advertising. We trust you recognize this unique opportunity.

Site Statistics – As of June, 2012

Site launched May 2010. Statistics below reflect the growth of a fairly new brand which increases in traffic monthly and has gained the attention of the community. Within 2 years of launch, has achieved the following accomplishments.  (Be sure to check our press page for the press coverage).

Moz Rank:

Page Authority: 53
Domain Authority: 44


Global: 257,866
United States: 108,374 has a google Page Rank : 4

Podcasts distributed on multiple networks and platforms including:
Podfeed Net

Content Syndication

In addition, content from is syndicated on & Top Mommy Blogs increasing our global reach.


Social Media Support

Raising Miro is actively promoted on all aspects of social media and has a Klout ranking of 66:


Lainie’s Facebook friends: 1527 friends
Miro’s Facebook friends: 273 friends,
Raising Miro Podcast & Travel Blog Fan Page: 1935 fans

CouchSurfing clout:
116 references and 104 Friend connections and 21 vouches
Actively posting in the “family group” with a reach of 9993 international members

Linked In
787 Professional Connections with a reach of 11,346,686 + professionals
and an active member of 22 professional groups

Also, be sure to check out our press page for the latest publicity Raising Miro has received.

What Raising Miro Offers

Audio Sponsorship
Audio ads are available for each podcast episode.  This includes voice advertisement read by either Lainie or Miro, including a personal endorsement and a text paragraph on the episode’s show notes page including logo and text link. We limit two ads per episode and have discounts for past show ad buys and bulk rates.

Online Advertising Units
Personalized  ad campaign designed through a range of options including a variety of graphic banners to text links which  can be applied site-wide or on specific posts.

Please contact us here for our rate sheet.

We are open to discussing sponsored reviews  in the form of “tours, accommodations, activities or products”.  However, full disclosure will apply and will be labeled as a sponsored post. Acceptance will be based on a situation by situation basis based on brand compatibility.

Press and Social Media Trips
Raising Miro is open to these opportunities and will evaluate on an individual basis.

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