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  • The Mystery of Sayhuite

    Another of Peru’s greatest anomalies: The mysterious site of Sayhuite, is one of Peru’s greatest anomalies, baffling archeologists as to its…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Tambo Machay Ruins [VIDEO]

    Ruins The complex of Tambomachay is situated at just 9 km (5.6 mi) from Cusco. The site itself, is in close…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Chinchero: Weaving gratitude in the Sacred Valley [VIDEO]

    Miro and I met a Quechua father named Edzon, and his daughter in Cusco one sunny afternoon. We learned Edzon…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Festival of the Sun -Inti Raymi

    Inti Raymi, The Peruvian Festival Of The Sun If you happen to be in Cusco and you happen upon Inti…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Pisac Market

    Visiting the Market at Pisac – A Photo Essay

    The many shades of Peru's rich culture my artistic appetite completely satisfied. One of my favorite thing to do is…

    by Lainie Liberti