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“Sail beyond the horizon; fly higher than you ever thought possible; magnify your existence by helping others; be kind to people and animals of all shapes and sizes; be true to what you value most; shine your light on the world; and be the person you were born to be.” –Blake Beattie

Thank you for checking out the Raising Miro Web Site! We hope that you will find our journey inspiring and our Podcasts  & Youtube channel entertaining and informative.  As you might have figured, I’m self-employed recovering brand strategist, designer, marketer, writer and web developer. After suffering a bad case of professional burnout, bordering on absentee parenting, combined with a failing state economy, our lifestyle redesign included focusing on living in the present moment and design a parenting partnership paradigm with my son. On the practical side, we do need to earn a small income and work hard at keeping our lives balanced. If you find inspiration in our journey and wish to support us, please consider extending that support in the following ways:

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“Each day offers us the gift of being a special occasion if we can simply learn that as well as giving, it is blessed to receive with grace and a grateful heart.”

–Sarah Ban Breathnach

Any amount is appreciated. Your donation goes a long way as we live consciously and own very little.  We value the basics, and live off $1000 a month.  We live the philosophy of “pay it forward” every single day. We live in the moment, bring smiles to peoples faces, support as many people as we can through our words and actions.  This is our path, and if you can help by sponsoring us for 1 week – $250, 2 weeks $500 or 1 month at $1000. If this is not within your reach, please feel free to donate any amount you are comfortable with if we bring inspiration to your lives. We are honored you’ve decided to take this journey with us.

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