For the Love of Learning

Lainie Liberti hosts a show on CCN- Conscious Consumer Network called For the Love of Learning —Voices of the Alternative Education Movement. Each week Lainie explores the voices within the alternative education movement with a panel of guests representing different perspectives. We do not focus on what is wrong with the system, rather focus on the solutions so that you and your family can empower yourselves. Listen to voices of visionaries, change makers and ordinary-extraordinary people who all do what they do, for the love of learning.

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Project World School Teen Retreats

Project World School Participant Series: See what the worldschoolers are saying about their experiences! Join us at a teen & young adult worldschooling retreat! For more information, visit:

Watch the youtube series directly on youtube here, or follow the video interviews on Project World School.

Project World School Youtube

Raising Miro Podcast Archives

Lainie and Miro started podcasting from June 2010 -May 2012 and have produced 33 episodes.

This was a collaborative project between a mother and son team.  Like any production team, they brainstorm the topics for each upcoming episode. Lainie and Miro alternate conducting  interviews, and as time has gone on, Miro has become more comfortable with the interviewing process. The research and writing that goes into each episode  is a joint effort.

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We’re Making Media

Besides the shows above, Lainie and Miro have been recording their travels, documenting their travels and sharing the inspiration with others for several years.

Here are two  of our favorites:

Chinchero: Weaving gratitude in the Sacred Valley

Qoyllur Rit’i, An Ancient Pilgrimage

“We all have our own life to pursue, Our own kind of dream to be weaving… And we all have the power To make wishes come true, As long as we keep believing.”

~Louisa May Alcott