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The richness found int he arts

  • Edvard Munch’s The Scream’ was Inspired by a Peruvian Mummy

    Archaeology Inspiring Art Edvard Munch and archaeology aren’t two names you’d normally find side-by-side in an article. Right now, the…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • They Say The Moche Made A Warrior’s Promise

    ...but did they really? We went to the ballet! Rather the ballet, opera, folkloria performance. The opportunity to have a…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Festival of the Sun -Inti Raymi

    Inti Raymi, The Peruvian Festival Of The Sun If you happen to be in Cusco and you happen upon Inti…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Fernando Bryce: His Art And History

    A News Worthy Art Exhibit From a distance, Fernando Bryce‘s works look like clippings from newspapers of a bygone era.…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Miro’s Surreal Visions- We want go to Barcelona!

    Given the choice, where would you go? For us, it’s somewhere meaningful. And significant. “You must always plant your feet…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Oswaldo Guayasamin-Oppression, War & Human Suffering

    A Conviction of Conscience Some Say Indigenous Expressionism – I Say Haunting Impressions Oswaldo Guayasamin Hands down, the highlight of…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Big, big, bigger Botero

    Fernando Botero Here’s a little post I wrote on Botero. My mom was behind on the posts, so I offered to…

    by Miro Sevin Siegel
  • I met the Guatemalan Picasso.

    According to many Guatemalans, he’s a national treasure. But he’s not well known outside of Guatemala and I can’t figure…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Art Bienal map

    Guatemala City, Art & Capitalism?

    Flirting with Guatemala City has it's rules and being safe is one consideration. The capital has one of the highest…

    by Lainie Liberti