RaisingMiro.com Podcast – Raising Miro on the road of life

  • Podcast Episode #5 – Community, Sustainability & Alternate Forms of Energy Exchange

    Exploring new models for sustainable living and creating a community of unity. This episode includes Lainie & Miro’s experiences at…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Podcast Episode #4 – Bicycling Across the Globe- 2 Amazing Stories

    Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things:  Leaving your mark on the world in big and little ways. This episode includes two candid…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Podcast Episode #3 – Gay, Lesbian, Trans-Gender in Guatemala

    The Queer Issue- This episode includes a discussion between Lainie & Miro sharing  their feelings about human rights, gay rights…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Podcast Episode #2 – Dogs, Cats, Treats & Other Gifts

    Lainie & Miro Discuss their Volunteer Work with Animals + an Interview with Children's Education Volunteer at NGO Safe Passages…

    by Lainie Liberti
  • Raising Miro on the Road of Life Podcast Episode #1

    Episode #1 Introduction to Raising Miro Podcast Interviews with Human Rights Worker Roxanne and Greg, Miro’s Dad This first episode…

    by Lainie Liberti