Can Your Life Path Number Determine Your Educational Success

Can Your Life Path Number Determine Your Educational Success
September 19, 2017 Lainie Liberti


In numerology, there are certain numbers that are considered important in terms of your destiny. One of these is known as your life path number. Also known as a destiny number, this is made up from the numbers in your date of birth. Your birth date is, of course, very important when it comes to numerology and by adding the numbers of your date of birth together, you can come up with your destiny number.

You may have heard about these numbers on channels such as Fox News. Some believe that your destiny number can play a big part in your future success including your educational achievement. Given the amount of debt many people get into to study at university, it is not surprising that we all want to succeed although you can help to cut the cost of your borrowing by finding the best student loan refinance rates. So, can your destiny number give you more of an idea whether you will succeed at university?

What does it all mean?

So, what is your life path number all about? Well, the numbers that are used in this process run from 1-9 and your number is thought to impact on many things, such as your nature, what you are capable of achieving, your relationships, and your educational success. So, let’s take a look at a quick overview of the different life path numbers:

  • 1: If you have this number, you have natural leadership skills and plenty of independence. You have ambition and want to be an achiever. You also like to be in control and enjoy being creative.
  • 2: This number is associated with peace. You are the king of person that likes to listen and help people. Diplomacy is a strong skill as is the ability to reason with others. A creature of habit, you like to have routines in place.
  • 3: Creativity is key for those with this number. If this is your number, you will enjoy arts, writing, and dramatic arts. You are good at solving problems and always tend to look on the bright side of things.
  • 4: This number is linked to practicality and organization. If this is your number, you are idealistic and practical but also very committed and a high achiever.
  • 5: With this number, the chances are that you are keen to progress. You like to see justice done in the world but can be quite skeptical. A little on the eccentric side at times, you love a little adventure but your focus is on the wellbeing of other people.
  • 6: People with this number tend to be very paternal or maternal. Kind, honest, and domesticated are some of the traits that others will see in you. You like comfort, having others around you, and embracing the happiness of others.
  • 7: Perfection is important to you if you have this as your destiny number. You like to analyze things but you can also be quite spiritual. You have strong emotions but are good at guiding others. This number is linked to strong leadership skills and loyalty.
  • 8: If you have this number, then you are a hard worker with plenty of ambition and drive. Leadership comes naturally to you and your career is very important. Although you are sensitive you can make the mistake of looking for material happiness rather than spiritual.
  • 9: This is the most emotional number so you will have a range of strong emotions. This includes compassion for others. You are also intellectual and deep, which can make you quite intriguing to others.

As you can see, some of the qualities associated with different numbers are qualities that are essential for educational success. This includes ambition, hard working, analytical, organized, and practical. If your life path number is one of these that includes these qualities, further education could be the ideal choice for you.


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