What is WORLDSCHOOLING & how can I do it? – [VIDEO]

What is WORLDSCHOOLING & how can I do it? – [VIDEO]
November 24, 2015 Lainie Liberti

This video presentation was recorded at the Un in the Sununschooling conference, October 31st, 2015 in St. Pete’s Florida.  Our entire presentation ran just over an hour, then followed up with a questions and answers session, which is not included on this video.

Below is the video presentation of our talk with video and visuals added. We hope you enjoy it.

Here is brief outline of our presentation:


I. Our story in brief:
II. How does natural learning occur?
III. What is worldschooling & why does it work with unschooling so perfectly?
IV. Let’s talk parenting, connection and attachment


V. Contextual learning or immersive learning – Real-life instances of immersive global education
VI. What other kinds of learning does travel offer?
VII. Strategies to keep your family engaged
VIII. Why is worldschooling important???
IX. How you can worldschool from home?
X. How do others worldschool?



For more information about Project World School, please visit this site: ProjectWorldSchool.com

If you are interested in finding out more about worldschooling, need support or seeking community, please contact us.


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Interested in learning more about worldschooling, life on the road as a single parent family, third culture kids  or Project World Schools temporary learning communities? Lainie and Miro would love to receive a proposal for your conference or event.
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  1. Larry 9 years ago

    Great blueprint for those looking to transition from traditional learning to worldschooling … loved it!

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