Indigenous Freedom and Rights- in Bolivia

Indigenous Freedom and Rights- in Bolivia
September 16, 2015 Miro Sevin Siegel

Book Presentation and Discussion in La Paz, Regarding Indigenous Freedom and Rights

by Miro Siegel

When my mom and I first arrived in La Paz, we received an invitation to attend a discussion and book presentation held in the Vice-President’s Hall about many topics ranging from philosophy, to politics, to indigenous rights and modern mindsets. It was highly enlightening and it gave me a better view of the Bolivian government’s stance on materialism, spirituality and Andean mysticism.


On the panel was a famous writer, Fernando Huanacuni Mamani, a government ministry official of defense, Dr. Reymi Ferreira, and a well-spoken Bolivan philosopher, Rafael Bautista. Each had the stage for about an hour and they mainly spoke of the danger of occidental materialism and of the disparity of connected-ness to the earth below. They spoke of cultural evolution and suggested the abandonment of a classist and racist society, and also spoke a little of quantum physics and reflection of state of mind in life.


The audience was rather heterogeneous; there were indigenous spectators clad in local attire, to suit adorned dignitaries from many countries. The doors were open to anyone who cared to enter, and due to the high numbers of cameramen I assume the function was aired on national television.

It was an amazing experience and I’m glad I could have attended it.

The group’s Facebook page is here. I found a PDF version of the book Vivir Buen, Bien Vivir here.


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