World Schooling Talk Episode 1 [VIDEO]

World Schooling Talk Episode 1 [VIDEO]
January 2, 2015 Lainie Liberti

This is the first in a series I am kicking off for 2015.  Let’s talk all things World Schooling! What is worldschooling you ask? Listen to the video below.

This is the first in a new series called “World Schooling Talk”.

Within this series, we will be address many topics within the context of transforming the world into an infinite classroom including: travel planning, general family travel issues, expat living, learning with teens, partnering in learning, worldschooling, homeschooling, unschooling and study abroad.

Ultimately, world schoolers believe, the world is an infinite classroom.

Here are the core beliefs we subscribe to as world schoolers:
1. As human beings we are wired to learn naturally,
2. Learning happens at any age.
3. Learning from the world can be filled with inspiration and discovery.
4. Intentional learning results in deep and meaningful discoveries.
5. Learning within a community (family or group) creates a more enriching learning experience.

If you’d like to learn more about us, please visit and more information our world schooling project can be found at

Also, if you are interested in joining our worldschoolers community on facebook, please click:


Please leave questions to be answered in an upcoming episode in the comments box below.  Wishing you all a wonderful 2015!


  1. kikimak 9 years ago

    So many great projects! Thanks for sharing! I was wondering…. as as single mom, do you worry about safety when traveling alone with your son?

  2. Good work Lainie! Worldschooling has been a life long love of mine, but we only started to name it as such when we started homeschooling ( call it what you like, I don’t care!) our own kids. I travel to learn, always have.

    • Author
      Lainie Liberti 9 years ago

      It’s a wonderful way to describe travel and learning in combination with one another! Happy you consider yourself a worldschooling family too!

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