Your Journey to Happiness: A Woman’s 30 Day Guide to Lifestyle Redesign

Your Journey to Happiness: A Woman’s 30 Day Guide to Lifestyle Redesign
January 24, 2014 Lainie Liberti

We recently featured an interview with another single traveling Mom Autumn here: Families on the Move – Meet the Amazing Family Behind the Blog Autumn is a pure inspiration, taking control of her life without fear and sharing the world with her children.  Recently, Autumn wrote an ebook helping others to do the same, so when she asked if she could share info about her new book here, I was excited to feature it! ~Lainie

Post written by Autumn la Boheme

Your Journey to Happiness: A Woman’s 30 Day Guide to Lifestyle Redesign

One of my favorite phrases is one I heard from “The Secret” video: “Whatever I think about and thank about, I bring about.”

Don’t you love that?

When I first heard it, I was working on a project for my entrepreneur friend I mentioned before. I was sorting paperwork for him, and I was not the least bit fulfilled doing this. I felt like I was just filling time to collect my $10 an hour, and he was gracious enough to give me any work he could think of because I needed the money so badly. What I really wanted was to travel the world with my kids. Being newly divorced with no steady income though, this seemed impossible.

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As I sat there feeling down and sad, with no sure plan of how to make money in my future, I heard this phrase. “Whatever I think about and thank about, I bring about.” I began to thank my friend out loud (and later, to him personally) for the opportunity to work and earn money for my kids and me. I began to thank the Universe for opening up doors to me, allowing me to create my dream job and being able to fund the adventures I wanted to have with my kids.

I began to be thankful for our beds, our apartment, our heat (it was winter), our warm blankets, our boxes of pasta, and jars of sauce that were given to us when we had no food. I expressed gratitude for the few paintings that sold, and I expected to sell more. I expressed gratefulness to the web designer (who later became my business mentor) for the work he was offering me. Then I started to get excited! I was going to figure out exactly what business I wanted to create! I was going to be able to afford a couch! I was going to make our apartment our home! I was going to find a way to travel!

I thanked the Universe for bringing these opportunities to me, and my mood instantly shifted from dread, fear, and sadness to hopefulness, expectancy, and excitement. I talked myself INTO my dream of seeing the world by being thankful for what I had, right where I was.

Take an inventory of your current situation. Look around you. Where are you? What do you have? Do you have a roof over your head? Are you healthy? Are you and your children safe? Do you have food? Do you have clothes? These may seem sort of basic, but they are luxuries that should not ever be taken for granted. If you have only these things, you have room for thankfulness. If you have only some of these things, you still have room for thankfulness.

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Just a little over a year after doing I started to show gratefulness for where I was, while also anticipating where I wanted to be, I was able to buy our one-way tickets to Mexico, where our travels began. Nine months later, we are still traveling, while I write, and offer life coaching/mentoring services.

I just finished my free eBook called “Your Journey to Happiness: A Woman’s 30 Day Guide to Lifestyle Redesign” for women who are looking for a way to be free, travel, and live a happy, fulfilled, balanced, abundant life. You can pre-sign up for your free copy at Get excited! Be thankful! Think about what you want, and enjoy the feeling of excitement that comes with knowing that your dream life (and travel destination!) is being created as you think and thank about it.


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