Back to Adult Un-school- Never to old to learn, grow and create.

Back to Adult Un-school- Never to old to learn, grow and create.
December 26, 2013 Lainie Liberti

Sharing a sample of my ongoing life-learning

We are hardwired to be life-learners.
Learning and exploring does not stop because we have reached adult status. Our brain doesn’t cease to be mailable. Regardless of our biological age, our lives can continue to be filled with wonder and discovery if we make a personal commitment to do so. I vow to keep on learning, keep on growing, keep on exercising my creativity as long as draw a breath. I vow to keep on living as fully as possible and realize that learning, exploring and creating are the only things that will keep me vital and alive.


Most of my posts about unschooling are about my son’s journey. I’ve written about my role as my son’s partner in learning and exploration. But through this partnership, I vow to follow my interests as well. I’ve dived deep into interests that spark my passion for for life like my journey into archeology as part of my adult unschooling. I’ve also shared our experience  taking improv classes together a new passion both Miro and I explored.

I’ve discovered that I really love doing and learning new things with my son. I feel so blessed that we enjoy each other’s company, spending time together, learning, laughing and embarking on new challenges. So our latest venture bumped me a little out my personal comfort zone.

As you know, Miro has a deep interest in writing. He spends a lot of his time writing and is in the middle of several writing projects both large and small. So when we heard there was an informal writing group that met here in Cusco, Miro suggested we join. A couple of months ago, we did just that, joined a writing group. The group is an informal group, made up by mostly expats who all share a common interest, exercise their creativity through writing. We meet once a week and share a short story we’ve written the previous week, based on singular topic or theme we decided upon, the week before.

I’ve never written fiction nor have I written a short story since I was in grade school, over 35 years ago.

I approached the group with some trepidation, but also excitement in stretching my comfort zone and trying something new. And the best part is, I am doing this with my son. I an really enjoying the process and am feeling challenged at the same time. However, I am enjoying exploring a new side of my creativity and love being supported by my son at the same time. Miro, who is a natural writer often offers suggestions and edits my stories for me. I love having the opportunity to work in partnership with Miro especially since writing is one of his deep passions. But even more, I am reminded I am never to old to learn, grow and create.

If you are interested in reading one of my stories, I’d love your feedback. Here’s a  short historical story I wrote: Remembering my Freedom

Also, be sure to read Miro’s ongoing series called 100 Stories – 100 Days.

I’d love to know what kind of adult learning are you engaged in?
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  2. Stasa 10 years ago

    I actually don’t think that I really started to learn all that much until I graduated college and discovered the library in the Colorado mountain town I moved to. Right now I’m learning all about starting my own business. I am also writing a book for my son, he wants something “with as much magic and characters as Harry Potter but completely different.” You know just a little something to do with all those sleepless hours.

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