Our DC- Not a Tourist Post

Our DC- Not a Tourist Post
May 7, 2013 Lainie Liberti

I’m extremely empathic.  Normally, I feel the emotional energy around me from people and places. In other other words, I’m emotionally intuitive. No, I don’t read minds, nor can tell fortunes, but I am very sensitive to energy.  I’ve learned to manage this throughout my life. I even used this to my advantage professionally, when I worked in branding, but that’s a completely different story for another time.

But I’ll get to how this relates to our travels, in just a second…

If you remember, we were in Washington DC at the beginning of our crazy 6 week trip through the States. Miro and I had not planned on even being in Washington DC for the 2 days we were there, but if you read our post called “Tears, missed connections and other travel stories from the road of life“, you’ll know why we were in WashingtonDC.

By accident.

And Washington DC was our first reentry back into the States in over a year.

Now I admit, I was emotionally exhausted. I was drained from the travel too. But the last day we were in DC and things were sorted out in terms of our travel, Miro said he wanted to see the Capital. So, with about 3 hours to kill, we took a shuttle into town and did just that.

The day was picturesque, just as winter was winding down, branches bare and skies blue.


It was a cold, cold day, but Miro and  I were dedicated to walk from the Washington Monument to the Capital building.


The iconic nature felt larger than life, and my eyes were wide open, hair standing on it’s end. I was alert and I was present, in Washington DC.


We walked passed all the museums, felt connected to the Miro sculpture.


We observed lots tourists as curious as we were.


It was surreal. I expected to feel some overwhelming pride, connection to my country of origin, or even some level of connection.

I didn’t.

I expected to see  important politicians making their way through the grassy parks, connecting with the people they represent.

I didn’t.

I expected to feel the buzz of productive energy swirling around me, progress, and hope.

I didn’t.


The energy of  Washington DC felt extremely heavy to me. The energy was strong, and for me, just a little too much to deal with, especially in my fragile state.  No judgement, just an overwhelming heaviness, like the feeling of the weight of the world on it’s shoulders..

Oh wait…. 



  1. Shara 11 years ago

    Thanks for this post, always enjoy reading them! You are right, for as many times as I have been to DC, my brother and sister in law live here, it is “heavy”. There is never a Buzz of fun, even if you visit the zoo. Go figure.

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