The Pisac Botanical Gardens [PHOTO ESSAY]

The Pisac Botanical Gardens [PHOTO ESSAY]
February 8, 2013 Lainie Liberti

Enjoying the Beautiful Gardens of Pisac

This is our second photo essay of a botanical gardens, and I find the subject matter most soothing. (Our first photo essay was shot  in Colombia, here.)  These photos were shot in Pisac’s Botanical Gardens, an oasis located in the middle of the village.

I hope you enjoy!

P1070631 P1070633  P1070646 P1070651 P1070658 P1070664 P1070675 P1070679  P1070691 P1070693 P1070703 P1070718 P1070719 P1070725 P1070755 P1070767 P1070779 P1070811 P1070829 P1070853 P1070868 P1070908 P1070929 P1070941


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  1. Anna 11 years ago

    beautiful shots! I like the last flower shot the best!!

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