My Four-Legged Teachers [PHOTO ESSAY]

My Four-Legged Teachers [PHOTO ESSAY]
January 22, 2013 Lainie Liberti

To know me, is to know that I have a deep love for the four legged critters. I love dogs, and every single one is a puppy to me, regardless of their age. When Miro and I made the decision to to take this trip, Miro and I had to leave behind our beloved Henry in the care of my mom. That was one of the most difficult decisions we’ve made together, and it also has become my biggest teacher.


Miro, Henry & Lainie sleeping together on one of our visits to the States.

Through that process I looked at what it meant to love a pet. In my world, loving a pet, equalled ownership and carried many responsibilities with it. It makes perfect sense and if we decide to stop traveling and settle down, the first thing I would do is get another dog (or three).

But I had to consider the alternative:  loving a dog without owing a dog. Now, I love many dogs. Now I love all the dogs I meet. Now I carry doggie treats in my purse. And Now, every street dog I meet, gets some of my attention.

For me, loving a dog is an enriching experience. And through traveling, I’ve  discovered it’s not necessary to own a dog in order to feel enriched. There are so many animals, especially on the streets here in Latin America that appreciate my love and attention.

I  have learned so many lessons through the four legged teachers who have come into my life and I feel I am a better person because of them:

Dogs take you as your are.

There is no  judgement, no pretense, no conditions. Just as you are is perfect for them.

Dogs always smiling.

Don’t you wish you could always be smiling?

Dogs can detect your energy.

Good energy is noticed. They pick up on that. Equally they come to you when you are down.

Dogs love you back unconditionally.

That’s the purest form of love. Incredible to experience.

When a dog trusts you enough to look you straight in they eyes, they share an authentic connection.

I always hold a dogs face and invite the animal to connect with me. Many do look at me straight in the eyes, and that’s an intimate connection I always do cherish.

Dogs love to receive attention (and I love giving it to them.)

Dogs are always open to receiving.

When dogs are done, they simply walk away, no pretense, no games.

When the moment is done, it’s done.

Because dogs remember you.

Make a true connection with a dog and they remember you!

Dogs express the ultimate form of “presence”.

Have you ever seen a dog not in the moment?  One of the many reasons I love dogs so much is they are always connected to the moment. There isn’t a worry about the  past or future for them, there is only ever the ‘now‘ in a dogs world.



Getting kissed by a dog in Guatemala.


Lainie making friends with a stray puppy in Salento, Colombia.


Lainie feeing a puppy in Antigua, Guatemala


Lainie and Miro with a friendly puppy in Manizales, Colombia


Lainie petting a sweet black puppy.


Lainie hugging a Peruvian hairless in Paracas, Peru.


Petting a beautiful puppy in Cusco.


Making a connection with a puppy in Panama


One of Lainie’s regular pups in Antigua, Guatemala


Making friends with a Dalmatian.


Petting a Peruvian hairless in Trujillo.

Hugging a puppy in Aguas Calientes

Hugging a puppy in Aguas Calientes

Hanging out with Violeta tubing down a river in Colombia

Hanging out with Violeta tubing down a river in Colombia



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