SNEAK PEEK: New Book Prologue

SNEAK PEEK: New Book Prologue
November 28, 2012 Miro Sevin Siegel

Hey readers! You may remember that I was writing a book. Well, that book has been put on hold for now, to give me time on my next project, which is another book! This book is called Shaun, the Time Traveling Pizza Delivery Man. This book feels so much more natural to me, considering its quirkiness. Infected was a tad bit serious, and I find comedy easier to write. Anyways, here’s a prologue to give you a taste.


Shaun hated his job. Long, grueling hours, low pay, unfriendly work conditions, it’s a mystery why he stuck with it. One moment, however, changed his view on his work. One fateful morning, his boss walked through the front doors.

“Hey, Shaun! Get out here!” Ed, his boss yelled into the pizza parlor.

Shaun quickly rushed to the front of the restaurant. His boss was one of the things that he didn’t hate about his job, but he learned rather early on not make him wait. Ed must have been one of the most impatient people he’s ever met.

“What is it Ed- er, sir?” Shaun was bad with titles.

“Oh, cut the crap Shaun, we’ve known eachother for 2 years now!”

“Sorry Ed. So, what’s the big news?”

Ed breathes in deeply and then sighs.

“I got orders this morning from the CEO. You’re being relocated to another pizza shop.”

“Wha? Why me?”

Shaun was excited to leave this “Hellhole” (His words, not mine) until he realized he was just being relocated to another “Hellhole”. He was going to miss his boss though.

“You’re the only one who the company thought was suitable for this job. Don’t ask me why.”

“Well, where is it?”

“It’s located inside the Interdimensional Highway.” Ed said this with
the most serious of faces.

“Hah! Nice one Ed. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have some pies to make.”Shaun walked back to his position.

“Shaun! I’m serious! Fine, if you don’t believe me, I’ll show you.”

Shaun had no reason not to go. It was time off that he was still getting paid for.


“Due to the nature of its location, no one can see us travel there, as it would arise suspicion.” Ed was filling Shaun in on the walk to an undisclosed location. “Well, we’re finally here!”

Shaun looked around. “This is it? This is a ‘portal’ to an Inter-dimensional Highway? This place’s a dump!”

They were standing in an empty parking lot with a row of porta-potties in the corner, against a large brewery.

“This way.” Ed gestured for Shaun to follow him.

He seemed to be walking in the direction of the cyan crap boxes. Ed approached the only one which appeared to be locked. He reached out to open it.

“Hey wait Ed! There’s someone in there!”

Ed proceeded to open the bright blue door. It flew open, as if it was never locked.

“It was never locked in the first place.” Ed said, as if taking the words out of my narration.

On the inside, the porta-potty was lined with really expensive looking material, like the stuff they lined spaceships with. Only shinier. There was also a purple button resting on the wall.

“Whats this do?” Shaun questioned as he pushed the aforementioned button.

“Oh god what have you don-” And with that, they were gone.

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  1. The Guy 12 years ago

    Wow what a fab title for a book. It sounds like it could be a real hit. Not sure if you are pitching it at travellers or the sci-fi crowd?

  2. Vincent 12 years ago

    I want to take a trip on the Interdimensional Highway what else is hidden there?

  3. Laurie 12 years ago

    So far so good, I’d like to read more.

  4. RC 11 years ago

    This is great! Write more, Miro – I love science fiction/fantasy, and this seems like an interesting/quirky start to something great. Never put down the pen (/keyboard, I guess!). 🙂

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