Miro the Explorer (in learning)

Miro the Explorer (in learning)
November 27, 2012 Lainie Liberti

…in learning & in life

I always liked Dora the Explorer even if Miro did not. The idea of ‘exploring’ inspired me, and as Dora set out each episode to find something or help someone, I didn’t realize how important the act of ‘exploring’ actually was to us. And little did I know that this sort of ‘exploration’ would be the foundation of our future lives (and learning). I have come to witness that through exploration, children feel the freedom to ‘try out’ a variety of new learning experiences, without being coupled with the stress of ‘being tested on it’. It’s a matter of re-framing the experience for both parent and adult. Now I realize some of Miro’s most successful ‘interest-led learnings’ have been through his own initiated explorations, like cooking, swordplay, creation of strategy games, story-telling, science projects, drawing, music, etc etc…

I am allowing and encouraging Miro to explore his world with curiosity and wonder. When that is applied, we call it ‘exploration’. And through these explorations, I am certain, Miro will be inspired to explore further into his own fields of passion, from his teenage years onward through adulthood. This defines my grandest desire for my child.

Continue exploring, my child…. wherever it takes you, I’m proud….

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  1. Shara 12 years ago

    What a Great desire this is that you have for Miro!! I agree with your desires and wish them for my daughters’ as well. You two are an inspiration to us! Always wishing you well and hoping to get down to the South very soon!! <3

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