Enjoying the Natural Rock Slides at Sacsayhuamán [VIDEO]

Enjoying the Natural Rock Slides at Sacsayhuamán [VIDEO]
November 19, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Just Like an Inca Would

Living  in Cusco, just below the famous site of  Sacsayhuamán, Miro and I have enjoyed the natural rock slides on multiple occasions.  But this time was a hoot!

As we have the opportunity to meet many travelers, we were super excited to spend the day with another 13 year old Josiah, who was traveling for  a month with his brother’s girlfriend Nancy, who we met through twitter. (Ah, the pleasures  of social media!)  They had one short day to share with us in Cusco, so we set out to make it a good one.

After a hearty breakfast of chocolate sundae waffles, we visited 3 museums, then set out to the ponder the view of Cusco near the Christo Blanco, the same location we flied kites the month before.

But as our intention, the highlight of the day was to share the  Sacsayhuamán slide with this group at sundown.  And for certain, the slide did not  disappoint.

As we neared the famous Inca slides, just beyond the grassy knoll behind the caves at the Sacsayhuamán ruins, we heard chimes of laughter, squeals and giggles equal to what you hear at any amusement park. A  group of Peruvuan girls were traversing up the hill and returning down on their butts.  This naturally carved rock hillside looks smooth, like frozen ocean waves. The boys waited their turn, and up they went!

And down they came, with giggles, and glee.

And Nancy got into the act, up the steep hill, only to return down on her bottom. Finally, our friend Lorene, who was healing from a broken leg hobbled up the hill and slid down with her crutch in one hand.

Fun times!


Not sure.

I’ve tried to find more information on the ‘slide’ wondering what it was originally used for, and how the rocks were formed. I haven’t been able to find much information, so if you know can shed any light on this, please leave us a note below.


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