10 Reasons Why I Like Unschooling

10 Reasons Why I Like Unschooling
October 12, 2012 Miro Sevin Siegel
Miro is cooking!

1. It allows me to be lazy, when necessary. We all have to be lazy at times.

2. It allows me to pursue my interests, as opposed to being forced to learn a certain subject, like math.

3. There’s no limit to the things I can accomplish.

4. And when I don’t accomplish these things, there’s no penalty.

5. I don’t even have to be studying to learn. We can be out in the town and I am learning just as much, be it through conversation or experience.

Miro is cooking!

Miro is cooking!

6. It allows me to sharpen skills which I think are useful. Recently I have been practicing cooking.

7. It can take place anywhere, hence “The world is my classroom“.

8. While it doesn’t necessarily help my socialization, it allows me togo out and make friends as my primary activity.

9.  I don’t have to wake up early. This is a big one. Recently I slept in till 2:30. I needed it.

10. It allows me to write lists about why I like unschooling whenever I like.


  1. Theodora 12 years ago

    Sushi-tacos? Seriously, that’s a thing?!

    Great post, Miro…

    • Lainie Liberti 12 years ago

      It’s a thing. Really. Come to Lima and we’ll gorge on sushi with you.

  2. Anita 8 years ago

    I’m thinking of Unschooling my 14 year old. Nice post!

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