A Frank Conversation Between 2 Traveling Moms About Unschooling & Education [VIDEO]

A Frank Conversation Between 2 Traveling Moms About Unschooling & Education [VIDEO]
October 1, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Travel & Education = Worldschooling

I’ve said many times, one of the many gifts of traveling is meeting other families on the road. We had the opportunity to meet the Van Leon family from Seattle Washington, who are currently living here in Cusco, Peru. During their stay here, our two families have gotten together on many occasions from flying kites in at Sacsayhuamán, movie dates, to sharing a meal. And on more than one occasion, Anne and I have gotten into some wonderful and frank discussions about our children’s education.

As you know, I am an advocate of unschooling, but my unschooling experience with my son was only possible through a process of deschooling my thoughts first about education. I had a profound shift in my thinking surrounding the paradigm of learning itself. And on many occasions, Anne and I have discussed this. We thought recording our conversation  would make an interesting video especially for any person who was considering traveling with their family for an extended period of time.

Anne and her family just started a 1 year gap trip with her family and are 3 months in. Anne is a former teacher and set out to homeschool her children. However through traveling she is reevaluating her approach to education. Anne and I share our experiences with the United States education system before our travels and talk about how our perceptions and approaches have changed through travel. Even though our backgrounds and ideas about education are different, we’ve discovered our intentions are the same:  We simply want what’s best for our children.

This conversation is about our children’s education on the road between a mom who’s been traveling for three years and a mom who has just started her journey. We hope you will find it interesting.

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  1. MJ 12 years ago

    Great conversation about education. This is a must see video.

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