Flying Kites at Sacsayhuamán [PHOTO ESSAY]

Flying Kites at Sacsayhuamán [PHOTO ESSAY]
September 25, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Flying High with Blessings & Kites

We are truly blessed. We are blessed to live in such a magical place. Blessed to have the sacred site of Sacsayhuamán  in our backyard. We are blessed to meet other traveling families. We are blessed to have the opportunity to interact and play with the locals. And on this day, all of those things were in the cards for us.

Miro and I met another amazing traveling family, the Van Leons. One day last week, we popped into the South American Explorers Club, here in Cusco to see what were the upcoming events. And by chance, an American family was staying there and recognized us for our blog.

Actually they recognized Miro and his famous traveling hat.

What a blessing! We chatted, we connected, we visited and the kids played. They just started their one year journey and are just about 2 months in.  (You can read more about their journey here.)  And later that week, we were invited to join them to fly kites with the local community children.

So much fun! I hope you enjoy this photo essay of our day.




  1. Anne 12 years ago

    Wonderful photos and lifelong memories. We feel blessed to have you both in our lives!
    Anne, Noah, Alex, and Leah

  2. Author
    Lainie Liberti 12 years ago

    Thanks Anne! We feel the same way!

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