3 Creatures I Hope We Never Run Into Part 7

3 Creatures I Hope We Never Run Into Part 7
September 19, 2012 Miro Sevin Siegel

CRYPTIDS! Sea edition

Written by Miro:

First cryptid post in a while! Enjoy!


In Hokkaido Japan, there allegedly lives a giant red octopus, named Akkorokamui. It originally comes from Ainu Folklore, but has been seen in Funka Bay. It’s been said by witnesses that its body goes up to 120 meters long, and its skin is an odd shade of red. Because of the color and its ridiculously huge size, It can be seen from far away. People believe that its an octopus of some sort, but no one can be sure.

Now, to Cyprus!

Aiya Napa

The Ayia Napa resides off the coast of a famous tourist resort, but its usually been seen around Cape Greco. The local fishermen have come to know this creature by the name “To Filikio Teras”, Which roughly translates to “The Friendly Monster”. It has never hurt the fishermen or their boats, but it has been said to tear away the fishing nets from time to time. Its form has been painted on ancient pottery, but its been said that the creature itself has more heads than the painters could paint. It’s depicted as having its lower body be serpent-esque, and six long necks with dog heads on the end of all of them. Each dog head neck thing has its own two arms. Government Officials have started a search for this creature, but have had no luck yet.

On to Denmark!

Sea Monk

Off the coast of Zealand, Denmark,  A very odd creature was found in 1546. It’s said to be a fish that stands upright, and has scales that look like robes. Much later on, in the 1850s, Danish biologists believed that the Sea Monk was merely a “Giant Squid”, But looking at the illustration published in “The Book of Days (Released in 1869)” You can tell its no squid.

Well, I think we all learned something. Stay the hell out of the water. Well, that’s all folks!


Sea Monk (Wierd as Hell)


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  1. JRinAsia 12 years ago

    Hey great summary of fascinating legendary sea creatures! Some of those I wouldn’t meeting actually.

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