Sand Mountains of Ica [PHOTO ESSAY]

Sand Mountains of Ica [PHOTO ESSAY]
August 10, 2012 Lainie Liberti

I saw the serenity in the shapes and shadows and Miro saw adventure.

The sand dunes of  Huacachina offer a delight of colors and shapes as the sun sets beyond the horizon in late afternoon. The display of the colors as the sky changes across the sea of sand as it is absolutely beautiful. I wanted to share with you my images that captured that day.

Don’t forget to read the adventure adrenaline side of this adventure here.




  1. Kirsty 11 years ago

    That just looks amazing! Such gorgeous pics and have just read the adventure post too – I never wanted to sandboard (is that right?) but I do now!

  2. Mira 11 years ago

    Great photos! U should take part in photo-essay contests! Check this one :

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