A Trip Through Time -Bone Yard of the Ancients [PHOTO ESSAY]

A Trip Through Time -Bone Yard of the Ancients [PHOTO ESSAY]
August 3, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Scattered Remains in the Sand

In my wildest dreams would I have never thought walking through a sandy plane scattered with ancient human remains was even possible. I never thought there could be a place like this left on the planet.

And Miro and I visited this cemetery with researcher Brien Foerster  on our recent trip down south.

But Miro and I did experience just that, stumbling across the remains of the Incas, Chincha and even those of the once thriving Paracas culture. This once burial site of the ancients is now a bone junk yard, only needing to dig into the shallow sandy dunes to uncover layer upon layer of grave sites. One culture upon another honored their dead by placing them in the ground, often with offerings of corn, cotton and pottery. The style of pottery remnants changed identifying the individual culture as the human remains eternally rest without protest.  And this is the very site where many of the enigmatic elongated skulls of Paracas were uncovered as well.

Some of the remains found at this site date back over 2,000 years. When we handled the remains with much honor and respect. I actually talked to all of the remains I picked up and thanked them. That was the only way it was ok for me. Then I placed them back where I found them.

Imagine jumping over two ravines, drudging up sandy dunes and navigating the corners of private properties. You’ll never find this cemetery on a map or a tourist guide, yet thousands of souls have found their way to external rest here in the sandy dunes. The exploration of the grounds proved to be one of those opportunities of a lifetime (and worth the two sprained ankles that resulted from this adventure.) Would I do it again? Oh yes!

We hope you enjoy this photo essay  of our adventure.





  1. Cate Brubaker 12 years ago

    Awesome photos Lainie! We miss you guys so much!

  2. Franca 12 years ago

    That is such an incredible and unusual experience, walking trough this old cemetery and discovering the remains of the Incas isn’t something that happens everyday!
    Cool! 🙂

  3. Adam P. 11 years ago

    It´s unbelievable that a place like this exists in this day and age when everything is collected and put on display somewhere so that a chance to generate profit is not missed. I like the fact that they rest in sand in the open instead of a museum glass case..

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