Why did you name your son “Miro”? [VIDEO]

Why did you name your son “Miro”? [VIDEO]
May 21, 2012 Lainie Liberti

My son and the artist

In this video, I share with you why I named my son Miro, what the name means to me. and how though discovering the artist Joan Miro as a child changed the course of my life. I talk about my experience in public education as a child +2 life changing events that changed the course of my life.



  1. Judy Iannaccone 12 years ago

    Great video, Lainie. I also wondered about Miro’s name. Thanks for sharing! I love Miro’s art, too! Also, Paul Klee!

  2. Alisha 12 years ago

    What a great video and personal story Lainie. How great it is to hear your voice and listen to as I was pretending to sit next to you. Continue all your greatness! xoxo

  3. Emiel 12 years ago

    Hi Lainie,

    I loved this video message! The way you tell your story is full of tension and emotion, well done.
    The part about the millions of bees is great, it shows how you were really struck down when your relationship to art was crushed by this narrow-minded teacher. “Art is stupid!” I am so glad years later you bumped into Miro and became wide awake again.


  4. Arge Miro 11 years ago

    Came across your site while doing some research on my family. My family is originally from Barcelona. Enjoyed your story!

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