Infected -Chapter 6 Black Out

Infected -Chapter 6 Black Out
April 2, 2012 Miro Sevin Siegel

written by Miro


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Chapter 6


Many hours had passed, and Russel finally opened his eyes. He slowly stumbled to his feet. There  were holes in his worn out shoes, and he could feel the cold and damp concrete on his feet.

He  Looked down the dark tunnel, and something about it made him feel uneasy. He decided to face his  fear and make his way towards where Sunny was taken. When he got to the station he jumped up  and grabbed the ledge on the boarding platform. He pulled himself up. The lights were flickering  in the station. He looked around. The gray tile floor was cracked and chipped, and there was  graffiti all over the wall. He glanced around for signs of Sunny.

There was what looked like a popped balloon in the shape of a hand attached to an arm. It was lying a few feet from an infected  corpse. Russel started pacing around nervously.

“Where could she be..?” He said.

However he didn’t notice that he was about to trip on a pipe. He lost his footing and the next thing he knew, he was on the floor.

“Ugh, Ow.”

He slowly got up, but he noticed a note directly underneath him.  It was a piece of paper, folded very neatly.

He opened it.

He could tell it was Sunny’s writing. She always made the M’s look like thunderbolts.

His heart jumped.

The note revealed it all.

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  1. Denice 11 years ago

    I just came across your guys’ website for my school work and all I can say is it really helped me, but also your book is supeeeeer interesting! I’ll be here, waiting for the next chapter to come out! And by the way, I love mangas and hate cliche movies too :3

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