Pisco Sour!

Pisco Sour!
February 23, 2012 Lainie Liberti

 Peru’s National Drink

Visitors to Peru most likely will have come across the drink known as the Pisco Sour and are wondering how it came about and how it is made. Here is a quick guide on the recipe and history of Pisco Sours.

The Pisco Sour is a cocktail native to Peru. The main alcoholic element – Pisco – is a variant of a Spanish grape liqueur that made its way to Peru with Pizarro during the conquest of the Inca Empire, developed over the centuries into one of the nation’s favourite drinks. In 1921, ‘Gringo’ Morris created the Pisco Sour and put it on sale at his establishment in Lima, from then the recipe become a great success and people have made their own alternative versions.

The basic recipe is very simple with just four key ingredients: 3oz of Pisco, 1oz of juice – traditionally lemon although lime is more common – honey or corn syrup depending on preference and ice. Blend these all together in a mixer and serve in a glass and you have a minimal Pisco Sour.

Two elements that are commonly added to the cocktail but not essential are the cinnamon or Angostura, and a quarter of an egg white which provides the characteristic foam. Other alternative versions of the drink found in Peru and Chilli exist which add extra flavours and fruits to enhance the drink and cater to different tastes. The Mango Pisco Sour is a popular option and simple for people trying to recreate the drink at home, as is the use ginger ale. More exotic and native alterations are the use of local tropical fruits and even the cocoa leaf.

With this brief introduction to the recipe and history of Pisco Sours, you are well on the way to understanding this national drink and – providing you have the ingredients – just ten minutes away from trying it for yourself.


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