23 Things Traveling Has Taught Me

23 Things Traveling Has Taught Me
January 12, 2012 Miro Sevin Siegel

23 little things

Written by Miro Siegel

My Mom made me write this list. But it’s all true. (Sort of). But the cool thing is, traveling has taught me a lot. I’m a lucky kid. So what have I learned?  The top 23 things below:

1.  I have learned a ton of Geography.

2. I have learned to speak Spanish.

3. Grubby bathrooms at the bus terminals have taught me to always bring toilet paper to the bathroom in public places.

4. Travelling has taught me to bargain.

5. I am no longer afraid of the unknown.

6. I’ve learned to accept an adventure when it comes along.

7. I’ve learned not to pass judgement.

8. I’ve learned to go with the flow.

9. I’ve learned to respect my mother and spend time with her when needed.

10. I have realized my own writing style and honed it.

11. I have learned to go with my gut feeling.

12. I’ve learned that there’s nothing better than staying in pajamas all day.

13.  I’ve taught myself to build lasagna.

14. I’ve taught myself to avoid drunken inn keepers.

15. Travelling has taught me to entertain myself.

16. I’ve learned to avoid Cryptids like the plague.

17. I’ve learned to water my plants daily.

18. I’ve learned to consume less.

19. I now have a built in Gringo-Radar.

20. I’ve learned to pack well.

21. I’ve learned to be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.

22. I’ve learned it possible to blow up a mosquito.

23. Most importantly: Llamas are cool.


  1. Tania 12 years ago

    What is your definition of a “Gringo-Radar”?

  2. ayan 12 years ago

    nice.nnbuild lasagna.thats cute. haha

  3. Susan Whitehead 12 years ago

    Our kids have picked up the “Gringo radar”, too. LOL!

    • ilainie 12 years ago

      LOL! it’s readily available on the ‘gringo trail’!

  4. Lori 12 years ago

    Fantastic stuff!!!!u00a0 Love it all!!!n

  5. Dante Rodriguez 12 years ago

    Fantastic. I need to learn some of this things!!! Damn!

  6. Fiona Nunes 12 years ago

    Love what you´ve learned !!!!!!

  7. Jen Cywinski 12 years ago

    More than many people learn in a lifetime 🙂

  8. Dvdthrrs 12 years ago

    My new favorite website…stumbled upon you via twitter. Love the site and the message it conveys. Brilliant!

  9. The Nomadicfamily 12 years ago

    god i love you kid. not sure if you are better online or in person, but while we are here in lima we will take every opportunity to hang out with you and them mom. and when we move on, we will keep loving you online. please show orazi how to blow up a mosquito. he will be forever grateful. 

  10. Jennifer Miller 12 years ago

    Very cool! So great that you’re learning these things at twelve… it will make life so much richer for you forever. Treasure that super cool Mama of yours and have a great time! Perhaps we’ll meet out in the world somewhere.

  11. 1dad1kid 12 years ago

    Excellent list Miro!

  12. Rosie Lee 12 years ago

    And this little things that you use to note were the things that make you such a noble person. There are things in life no matter how small it is could easily turn downward to upward and that’s how I honor your ideas little girl.

  13. Starr 11 years ago

    I love the “Llamas are cool!” alongside the picture of you and the Llama. Hahaha. Cool indeed. 😛

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