Top 10 Adventures, So Far Part 1

Top 10 Adventures, So Far Part 1
January 10, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Our Favorite Adventures from Our Travels

We are approaching 1,000 days on the road! That number blew me away. Although we are not an adventure family, we’ve had so many wonderful and fun experiences. We wanted to reflect on what we’ve done so far and look forward to the next 1,000 days.

So, this part 1 of a 2 part post sharing some of our most adventurous and favorite family experiences. Sometimes it’s enough  just  appreciating all the fabulous things we’ve done so far.  I hope you enjoy this first part of our look back as well.


1. Watching my son jump in the ocean with sharks

One of the most difficult experiences  for me, was my experience watching my son jump into the ocean surrounded by sharks, in a place called ‘Shark Alley’. My impulse was to not let him go, hold onto his legs, but I knew I was being foolish.  I write the experience in the post called Swimming with the Sharks, a Mother’s Nightmare I also share some beautiful photos of that day’s outing:

‘A beautiful underwater dream, challenging  a mother’s sanity, I am still recovering from our underwater adventure,  which proved to be absolutely amazing! This was Miro’s first snorkeling outing and he was such a natural. Most of the time, I swam behind him giving him enough room to explore the amazing underwater sea life on his own, but always keeping that watchful eye on my baby.’

Read more here.

2.  Teaching Miro how to drive in Mexico at 10 years old

The first month we set out on our adventure we were clearly a bit more nervous about everything, but my motto was, let’s try everything! One of our adventures was teaching my then 10-year-old son Miro to drive. We had rented a golf cart to take around Isla Mujeres, and had a blast. And as always, Miro and I made a game of it, seeing how high we launch the golf cart over the speed bumps. The post is called Bumps in the Road and Many Giggles. It is quite dangerous at first like playing a poker in the very first time which need some skills and effort in order to perfect your strategy. If you happen to be curious and want to try playing it, read more; click here.

3. Climbing up our first ruins & visiting a monkey reserve in one day

Also durning our first month, we did some pretty incredible things and our days were action packed. (since then, we’ve learned to slow down a bit.)  Miro and I set out for a double-adventure-day, our first stop being the Cobá Ruins which I was excited to see. We opted for this ruins, versus Chichen Itza which is much smaller and rumored to be less touristy. We also set up climbing up the 120 stair to the top of the ruins, which wasn’t that difficult going up. What was the most stressful was climbing down the 120 stairs, no hand rail and no other choice. For me, it was scary but absolutely an adventure.  After that, Miro and I visited our first monkey reserve and saw 3 different species of monkeys. Yes, it was a first for these long-term city dwellers. We share our experience in a post called  120 Stairs and a Mono Loco.


4. Horse back riding on an island jungle

Miro’s first time on a horse also took place during our first month of travel. (I told you it was action and adventure packed. )We hadn’t originally planned on riding horses, but one thing led to another and that’s what we ended up doing. I hadn’t been on a horse since my teens, so it was a special treat. We write about the day exploring the island jungle with our guide here in this post called:  Been Through the Desert on a Horse With No Name and actually the horse had a name, it was “Clinton” and it wasn’t a desert, it was the jungle.

5. Exploring caves to find the resting place of a sacrificed Mayan woman

One of our greatest adventures to date is our first time ‘caving’. Here’s from our blog post called Rituals of a Lost World: Actun Tunichil MuknalToday we just returned from our first high adrenalin, adventure driven tour. Kinda felt like Kathleen turner in romancing the stone. (the young Kathleen Turner) We took a paid tour to the Mayan cave archeological site called Actun Tunichil Muknal or ATM for short. It was a four-hour tour in all, but the drive there and back was another hour and a half each way, so it was really a full day. We took a 4 x 4 for a bone rattling ride into the middle of nowhere past groves and groves of oranges and other citrus. We passed the gates of what turned out to be private farm as our guide paid the fee to pass. We traveled through two rivers in the truck and I was grateful it was indeed a 4×4, even though it was clearly in needs of new shocks . We arrived in the lush subtropical forest within the Tapir Mountain Reserve, and prepared for the hike at base camp. Be sure to read the entire post and see the bone chilling photos of the chilling 2,000 year old bones!


We hope you enjoyed this look back. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Top 10 Adventures!




  1. AnitaMac 12 years ago

    Brilliant adventures!  Well done to let him swim with the sharks.  So exhilarating!  I did it in Belize – thinking the rest of the group was with me.  So excited to not be left behind (I am a slow swimmer) I swam around the boat, looked up and everyone was still on deck!  It was just me and the shark.  My heart was pounding!  Needless to say, all senses were heightened – I felt totally alive and in the moment!
    Congrats on 1000 days on the road – huge milestone!

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