14 Beers & Feeling Tipsy

14 Beers & Feeling Tipsy
December 20, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Sampled Beers of Latin America

Well, I’m not normally a beer drinker, but as we’ve traveled, I’ve made it a point to sample a beer from every country we’ve been to. So, I’m going to share with you what those beers are. I am not really qualified to review the beers either sine I do not drink beer all that often, but I’ve included with a link for most the beers to a proper review. Just click on the name of the beer, incase you are interested. The remarkable thing is, though being in our eleventh country, I’ve finally discovered the motherlode of beers!! (Check out Peru.) Anyway, hope you enjoy this little beer tour of our travels.


Tecate &Sol- Of course we have these beers in the states, but what I was not used to was drinking Tecate in a can. The weather in Mexico is hot, and the cold cans of beer hits the spot.


Belikin– Yummy beer, especially consumed with fresh fish on a fabulous carribean island or on the back of a truck on the way to some glorious waterfalls.


Enjoying gallos & lime with wonderful friends at Rio Dulce in Guatemala.

Gallo – This beer cracked me up, since I was just starting to understand the Latino culture. There is an embedded cutlure of machismo, that the animal the rooster so accurately represented. Everyone, I mean  everyone drank Gallo.


Port Royal– Drank this, the weather was hot, the beer was cold. That is all.

El Salvador

Pilsner ‘Pils’…isn’t this just repackaged ‘budwieser’? Anyway, same excitement level as Honduras. Drank this. Just got off a bus. The beer was cold. It is pilsner.


Tona –Nicaragua was really, really hot. The beer was really really cold. I had more than one on many occasions because it was refreshing and bitter.  Was neither wowed or excited.   Victoria – Same.

Costa Rica

Imperial – The label reminded of a German beer. The taste was nothing special.  Had one. Did not have another.  (See, I told you, I’m not qualified to review beers…..)


Atlas – Another beer that was widly available in a can. (Cans, cans, cans, cans!) Had a couple of these babies with some amazing veggaterian chinese food. At this point, I’m getting pretty good at not caring about beers.


Club Colombia Poker – Miro and I were stuck in the airport for over 24 ours in Panama, took us much longer to travel one country over than necessary. But we did reach Colombia finally, and I the first thing I did was sample a couple of cold ones in the airport after we cleared customs. These were on of the most satisfying beers to date, but I couldn’t tell you a thing about the flavor. We remained in Colombia for 3 months and I did not have the desire to have another. Oh well, still not a a real beer drinker.


Conquer Beer–  Ordered. Drank. Cooled down. We lived in a wonderful little casita near the beach for one month. It was hot. A beer was the perfect companion with my book while I enjoyed the afternoon sun swinging in a hammock. Dorados came in larger size bottles, 1 litre. I’ve discovered, ice cold beer, hot weather work together.



Liquid AMAZINGNESS goes perfectly with fresh ciebeche!! (notice that glass to the left?)

Cusquena Negro. Ding, ding, ding!! (OMG, this beer even has it’s own facebook page, it’s THAT GOOD!) Motherlode! Jackpot! Exquiste, fine, delightful, statisfying, delicious.

Ok. Now I know what I’ve been looking for up to this point. I know what I’ve been missing. This flavorful beer is slighlty sweet, has a hint of a coffee taste, right, dark and delicious. Wow. I’m hooked. This is what beer should taste like. This is rich creamy liquid heaven. This is liquid ancient Inca gold.  I’ve found my muse, my favorite, my beer.


  1. Kirsten Alana 12 years ago

    1) I WANT BEER NOW!! 2) What a truly terrific idea for a post. I haven’t kept good enough track of all the beer I have consumed around the world but I will start doing so now.

    • Author
      ilainie 12 years ago

      Kirsten, where are you? We should meet for a beer tasting session. Have you tried the Cusquena? If not, you’ve got to. Happy new year to you and wishing a fabulous (beer filled) 2012!

      • Kirsten Alana 12 years ago

        I’m in Detroit, MI where I spent Christmas with family then dashed off for NYE in Berlin followed by a layover in London and am now packing my bags for Costa Rica tomorrow. Sadly, I don’t think I will be anywhere near you anytime soon. But if I am at any time this year, we should meet. I’d loove that 🙂

        • Author
          ilainie 12 years ago

          You never know Kirsten! We are both in Latin America.. Enjoy Costa Rica!!

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