Traveler’s Movie Selection

Traveler’s Movie Selection
September 1, 2011 Lainie Liberti

What’s on your harddrive?

For the long term traveler, entertainment is an important part of any budget.  Traveling  with technology makes it a bit easier to bring with you some of the comforts of home,  like in the case of traveling with your favorite movies. It’s easy to travel with an external harddrive filled with our favorites movies, TV shows for viewing on our computers, ont those nights nothing is better than relaxing, sitting back and watching a flick. Miro and I have been trading movies with other travelers we’ve met on the road, sharing recommendations, and files  and movie night experiences with one another.

Note: This post is not about the legality of file sharing, promoting pirated films or other intellectual property, nor do we wish to address the morality of these issues in this post. Additionally, we are not suggesting breaking any laws, rather in the spirit of sharing, we wanted to share with you what’s on our harddrive.

My sense is you can tell a lot about a person by their movie and entertainment preferences.

What can you tell about us?

So, here’s a list of a several of the films, tv shows and documentaries found on our shared harddrive:

Movies: All 3 Lord of the Rings, Mary and Max,  The Castle (Australian film),  Before Sunset, After Sunrise, Nights in Rodanthe, The Last Mimsy, The Blue Butterfly, The Five People You Meet in Heaven,  The Kite Runner, Dogma, The Big Lebowski, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Live, The Holy Grail, (+ our all time fave) The Life of Brian, Napoleon Dynamite, Dead Poets Society, The Gods Must Be Crazy, The Triplets of Belleville, Star.Wars.I-VI, Spinal Tap The Breakfast Club, Waking Life Musicals: (I LOVE musicals!) Chicago, Momma Mia, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Dancer in the Dark, Les Miserables, Mary Popins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, All That Jazz Documentaries: Zeitgeists parts 1, 2,3, South of the Border, Food inc., Capitalism a Love Story, Waiting For Superman, The Secret TV: We have 8 seasons of Family Guy, 4 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, 3 seasons of Arrested Development (we’re watching it again for a second time) and 4 seasons of Ab Fab

So I asked our traveling friends via twitter which movies are on their harddrives and here are some of their answers:


Dave from @TLWH

Indiana Jones all 4 of them -It’s real adventure, not just booking an “adventure tour”  Heck there’s 4 Indy movies, have a marathon

Bob & Jade from @Vagabond3Live

“Love Actually” literally have watched it 1000 times.

Katrina from @Tourabsurd

The Princess Bride, and the latest Star Trek movie.

Tracy Burns from @tracy_burns

We have a ridiculously large hard drive filled with things to watch! Although we tend to travel with tv series rather than movies and watch them together once the kids go to bed. Sadly I’ll admit we’re tragic teen flick fans – rewatching Buffy at the moment but our fav series to watch together is Life Unexpected. The kids fav. though is Land Before Time and Nemo which we tend to watch again and again.


Lucie, Lachlan & BowWow from @VagabondVenture

there are so many but recently I had a massive craving for Bridget Jones and it really hit the spot!

Theodora from @mummy_t

Z’s huge on American Dad, Family Guy & Robot Chicken at the moment, so series, not movies for him at the moment. I’ve got a bunch of 30 Rock, 4 seasons, so I’m working my way through that with him as well… Movie-wise? I’d have to think about what we watch. Seen the Killing Fields a coupla times.

Also Bangkok Dangerous, in Bangkok. We like to watch place-appropriate movies sometimes. Found Total Recall and 80s Arnie movies work great on buses when the volume’s bad because you can follow the plot even without hearing. District 9 was a big one for us to watch. Z really loves Despicable Me.


Kristy  from @vagabondkids

Our kids are 7&9 they love the Simpsons and iCarly. My son, doesn’t like to admit it to his friends, but when it is just him and his sister, they will rewatch iCarly again and again… oh and Glee, with us!

Dave from @rtwdave

Slumdog Millionaire, Last Stop for Paul, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (for when I want to be in Hawaii)

Talon from @1Dad1Kid

I’m sure our list will grow, but for now: Nicholas NickelbyA Christmas Carol (George C. Scott version), Love Actuall, yAbout a Boy, Dead Poets Society, Elf, The Simpsons, Music Man (the original), The Simpsons Movie., Bend it Like Beckham, V for Vendetta, The Grinch that Stole Christmas (original animated version). Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Wilder version), Possibly Transformers as well Beowulf (the animated movie)

Christine from @almostfearless

Right now I have 5 seasons of No Reservations (because even when I’m traveling I still dream of other places to travel), a 4 DVD Zumba course (dance/exercise), the latest films (in this case Captain America and Rise of the Apes) and a bunch of kid’s movies for Cole (Kung Fu Panda, Despicable Me, Ratatouille, Mega Mind, How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled, Madagascar, Rango and a bunch of Disney titles).

Heather  from @heathervescent

My far classic travel flicks are Satyricon and Saragasso Manuscript.

Jason from @digidrift

For me it would have to be ‘The Beach’ and ‘Into The Wild’. Over 20 years ago I watched romancing the stone, from that day I knew I wanted to go to S.America.

Zara from @CommandZed

I’m all about television series! Bite sized chunks work better for me when traveling – on my iPad for my current trip: Breaking Bad

Nancy from @familyonbikes

Our sons LOVE Big Bang Theory so we carried one season of Big Bang Theory DVDs with us for a while. Otherwise, we are always switching stuff up. I can’t thin k of anything that we make sure we have with us all the time.

Connie from @connvoyage

Wes Anderson’s Darjeeling Limited! It’s of my faves! I watch it all the time when I’m on the road!

Lisa from ‎@newlifeonroad

We have to travel with Skippy The Bus Kanagaroo and “Nanny McPhee” goes with us wherever we are!!!


Megamind! The kids have watched it million times and know it by heart, yet, we keep on watching it. I have heaps of old movies on a hard drive, but alas, every time we decide to watch something, Megamind wins. Save me…save me..

Jennifer from @homeintheworld6

We have the Young Indiana Jones Series. The kids especially loved the episodes of when Indie was a child.

Sergio from @Serchlife



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