Our Casita

Our Casita
August 29, 2011 Lainie Liberti

I wrote this during the month we were living at the beach in Montañita, Ecuador. We were ‘unplugged’ from the internet for the month, had only our computers, books, music and each other to entertain ourselves.  I was so inspired by the simplicity of our lives, I imagined writing a children’s  book to share our experience.

Here’s the draft I wrote one evening:

Our Casita.

Our casita has everything we need and we are happy in our home. Our family has two, one Mom and one Son. We live in many places around the world. But wherever we are, we are home.

Now we live in very small a house.  We call it Our Casita.

Our house is little, but our home is big. Our hearts fill  the room with love, so we feel the space of the universe within our one room cabin.

Our casita has four walls, one floor, and a roof that comes to a point in the center. Our casita is perfectly balanced and keeps us dry from the rain.

Our casita has two beds, one for Mom, one for Son. Each bed is surrounded with a mosquito net, which keeps us protected from the bites of pesky flying bugs at dawn and dusk.

Our casita has a dresser for our clothes, shelves for our books, and even a ladder to climb into the top bunk bed.

Our casita has a small kitchen called a kitchenette.

The kitchenette has one stove, one tiny half size refrigerator, one sandwich making machine, all with working appliance parts , one small sink and one shelf above the sink and two shelves below the sink.

On the shelf above the sink we store our dried goods like beans, rice pasta and spices.

Below the sink, one shelf  holds two frying pans, one medium size pot and a small pot to boil water for our morning coffee or tea.

The second shelf below the sink holds two plates, two bowls, two medium size saucers, patiently waiting  to serve our delicious meals.

Our casita has a small table with two chairs, making the perfect spot for a Mom and Son to share wholesome breakfasts, lunches and dinners with each other. The small table is covered with a black cloth that has pictures of white stars and white moons, bringing inside a little of the nighttime sky, even during the day.

Our casita has a flushable toilet and a separate shower. But our casita does not have hot water… but that’s ok, the sun is shining almost every day and the air is nice and hot!

Our casita has a large fan which circulates air from one corner of the room to another to keep us cool and the tiny flying bugs the come inside to visit, disoriented in flight.  Our casita has eight windows, two of which do not have screens.

Our casita has rust colored draperies to cover some the windows only they don’t cover them entirely, which makes me smile every time I look at them.

And, outside our casita, there is a hammock for reading in the morning,  taking an afternoon siesta,  or enjoying an evening sunset.

Our casita is the place we live for one month, but it does not make our casita a home. Our casita is our home because that is where we, Mom and Son spend our time loving each other, experiencing the world in that moment and being grateful for our lives.

Our casita has everything we need and we are very happy here.


  1. Jillian Suzanne 13 years ago

    Loved the intimate peek into your lives! xo

  2. Marilia 12 years ago

    I currently live in a casita that looks just like this one, itu00b4s great. I love the simplicity of the small house :).

  3. Lori 12 years ago

    I love this.

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