Cali Sizzles

Cali Sizzles
August 12, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Hot, hot, HOT!

Salsa is Cali’s lifeblood. This is a city that’s as hot as the weather, passionate as the salsa and spicy as the chilis. Cali is a city that sizzles after the sun goes down, holding the seat as Colombia’s salsa capital. Cali is one of the world’s most famous cities for salsa. By day, Cali reminds me of walking around in West Hollywood. By night, the city’s a buzz with salsa clubs. Of the most famous, Tin Tin Dao is the hottest spot.

I went on a Thursday night, and was intimidated by the costumes,  fancy foot work and swaying hips that belonged in an episode of Dancing with the Stars. I tried my best to absorb the rhythms, but I ended up looking more like a pop-locking chicken.

Salsa dancing = fun

Even if you are a beginner. Don’t get discouraged.

The Animals

Daytime hours were mellow as the city seemed to sleep from a night of dancing. So, Miro and I decided to make the most of it and ventured off to  see the animals. Zoologico de Cali, this is an excellent zoo with many animals from around the world. The premises are very well kept and, surprisingly, it is in an up-scale side of town. The animals generally have lots of space for themselves. Do not miss : the Bengal tigers, the butterflies and the birds. Lonely Planet has called this South America´s best zoo.

Not much more to report about our experience in Cali… sorry.

Cali Facts:


Cali is rich with history, passion and modernism. Before the days of civilization, much of South America was inhabited by indigenous tribes; Cali was no different.The lands were used for slave-holding and agriculture prior to Cali’s independence in 1811. Most of the land was utilized for agricultural purposes: plantations, cattle farms or mango fields. More recently, sugar cane and gold mines have been an integral part of Cali’s resources.


According to the world atlas, “Colombia is positioned in the northern, southern and western hemispheres. It is located on the northwestern corner of South America and bordered by Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Central America and the country of Panama and by the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

My observations about Cali?

Hot days, hotter nights, party, party, party. Top it off with beautiful exotic women and more fake boobs then in California.. really. Not my scene, but glad we had the experience. Oh yeah, we found and photographed great street art in Cali.

Please check out our photo essay here.



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