3 Creatures I Hope We Never Run Into Part 6

3 Creatures I Hope We Never Run Into Part 6
August 6, 2011 Miro Sevin Siegel

Part VI

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Written by Miro:


Hello viewers! Its been awhile since I’ve done one of these. I hope I’m not too rusty! Well, without further ado, lets jump on in!

Loveland Frog

The first Cryptid of this episode will be the Loveland Frog!

The Loveland Frog is from Loveland, Ohio. The first report was in 1955, when a business man was coming home from work. On his way home he saw three or four humanoid creatures with a frog-like head. They were about 4 (1 m) feet tall. He also described them as having wrinkles instead of hair, wide lip-less mouths. When they left, the business man said that they left behind a strong odor of Almond nuts and Alfalfa sprouts. In approximately 20 years, Police encountered a similar creature. It jumped over the guard rail into a river. Two weeks later, they encountered it again. It was on the road. The police officer shot at it, but the creature got away.

Next up is the Lagarfljots Worm.

Lagarfljots Worm

The Lagarfljots Worm is a Giant lake Cryptid in Iceland. There have been many witnesses, all saying it is coiled up near the shore. It has also been spotted on land, slithering. Most sights say it is about 300 ft (91 m, for you readers not in the states.), longer than a Football stadium (American Football).
Next up is the Trunko from South Africa.

The Trunko

The Trunko was reported in 1924, while sailing the South African seas. The Trunko was first seen off the coast fighting two killer whales. It was said to be two or three times the size of killer whales, and have a rhinoceros like horn, lobster like tail, and polar bear like fur. A few days later, one of them washed up on shore, dead. It was there for ten days, yet no scientists came down to examine it. While it was on the beach, a few people decided to measure it. It was 47 ft long (14 m) and 10 feet wide (3 m). After ten days, it was said to “swim” back into the ocean. Maybe it wasn’t dead…

Thank you for reading my 6th part! Stay posted viewers!


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