What Does A Child Traveler Look Like?

What Does A Child Traveler Look Like?
July 24, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Dressed for Success

A Teen (almost) Traveler’s Style


What is this?

Reading other traveling family blogs is one of my guiltiest of all pleasures. I absolutely loved Drew Gilbert’s What Does A World Traveling Dad Look Like? post about his gear, his style, still in fashion after nearly two years on the road – with a toddler.  This post inspired many other traveling parents to write up similar posts, all equally entertaining, links which you can find at the end of this post. I thought I’d give it a unique spin, since let’s face it, Miro is more interesting than me. He’s got a fashion sense and he’s been living out of his backpack for the last two years and believe it or not, his choices are practical for any traveler, old or young.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

a.) The Shoes

Miro is wearing his shoes, purchased from Payless in Panama. Since he is clearly a growing pre-teen, he grows up and out-grows things quickly, we opt for a more economical choice. This particular pair was selected by Miro, for several reasons.

Frist and formost: COMFORT. “Squishy and padded and very comfortable,” as he says. Second, they have velcro fastening instead of shoe laces.  Easy on, easy off, handy for the traveler on the go. And last, (mom’s reason) they were under $30.

This photo was taken in Colombia, after wearing the shoes for about 6 months. The soles were worn through with several holes. We had them resoled in Colombia for about $4 and got about 3 months more wear out of them. When we arrived in Peru, we actually found another Payless and bought him his second pair of the same shoes, in a 1 size larger. That’s what you gotta do when you’re traveling with a growing teen.

b.) The Magic Stick

Miro holds a custom bamboo walking stick, custom cut and custom carved for him from the Colombian jungle. When we returned from our hike where he obtained the walking stick, we sat down and started to design the pattern together. Both Miro and I took turns on the design, alternating the design and coloring and had a great time in the process.

This stick served as a walking aid during jungle hikes, jousting stick with imaginary knights and a sword with the village children.

Entertaining and functional. Now, that’s my idea of a travelers’ prop. This stick lasted for 2 border crossings and 2 countries until it got lost into the universal abyss of  ‘random travelers items left behind’.

c.) The Day Pack

Yep, that’s it, a day pack. It’s large enough to carry Miro’s items for a week, including his travel computer, clothes, toiletries, notebooks, etc. All the necessary items, included, inclosed. When we are moving locations, this pack fits perfectly on his front, and contains additional things like his toys, art supplies, comic books, comic characters and his Fushigi Ball.

d.) The Quintessential Scarf

Every seasoned traveler has at least one quintessential scarf or bandanda. There’s no doubt, this is a traveler’s-must-multi-purpose-item. It’s a sweat catcher, a cooling device, and a fashion accessary. This particular item sports a stylish black and red pattern with Asian writing and serves by tying in all the colors of this ensable together perfectly. This item was purchased in Mexico for around $1.

e.) Stylish Hat – Sombrero con Estilo

Every good traveler knows he needs to protect his head, from the sun, from the elements, from potential attacks from flying beavers or the random head crab zombieYou never know what’s out there….

So, why not protect that precious noggin it with a stylish hat?

This hat was purchased in Colombia. But I need to disclose here, there have been a series of hats over the last two years that also seem to find themselves in the refereed above abyss of ‘random travelers items left behind’. Miro is always keen with his color coordination, as any stylish travelers should be. This particular hat is worn with earth tones and warm shades. In our possession, we share a blue pinstriped and black hat and a couple of newsboy hats.

f.) Long Hair – Pelo Largo

Yes, Miro knows if he cuts it, he won’t be mistaken as a girl. But he chooses not to. So be it.
At least 3 times a day I need to correct folks, Mi hijo! (no hija). Niño,  no niña! Such is life when you’ve got gorgous long hair. As a traveler, it’s easier to let it grow, keep it long, and look amazing. My son has got that part down.

g.) Stylish Music Inspired Tee

Miro has gone through phases where he’s preferred to wear only black. Then afterwards, think it was an  ‘anything with skulls on it’ kinda phase. Now, he’s in a color and music themed state of mind. Gotta love that and think we’re out of the wood of potential  emo-hood. The one thing I love about my child is he does not like having any brand names on his clothing, as he’s quite the anti-consumerist just like his momma. (So proud!)

This shirt was purchased in Panama where everything is pretty cheap, and has a splash of sparkle in the flaming guitar. Go on Miro, give us a spin!

h.) Pulceras

..or hippy bracelets, or artisan wears, etc..
Miro has been collecting these bracelets since we first began our travels. Currently he has 13 bracelets on his left arm and 11 on his right arm. We like buying them from the local artisans, or the traveling hippy who’s financing thier travels through selling their wares. Miro has also received many of them as gifts from the wonderful travelers and locals we’ve met along the way. Currently he has 9 of 11 countries we’ve visited represented on his arms. The bracelets we purchased in Mexico and Belize 2 years ago have since worn out and fallen off.

i.) Bermuda Shorts

Yep, just because. They are stylish and light. Neither Miro nor I have typical travelers pants, of the zip-off persuasion, because, well.. because they are ugly! All of Miro’s clothes are selected by him, and he is always concerned about matching and looking nice. Even on the road. Miro has a great fashion sense and traveling has not hampered his style, in the least.

Wonder what do other travelers look like?

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  1. Melissa Banigan 13 years ago

    Love this! Such a fashionable traveler. Thank God the two of you choose not to wear “traveling pants.” The New Yorker in me would cringe, no matter what continent I was on.

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