Miro Guest Posts at Unschooler.com

Miro Guest Posts at Unschooler.com
July 7, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Recently, Miro was asked by Peter Kowalke, the founder of Unschooler.com to write a guest post.

The article is called :

Respect Me, I am Capable! – Preteen PerspectiveMiro Siegel, a preteen traveling around the world, argues that 12-year-olds should get more respect.

Excerpted from the article:

I hate it when people don’t take me seriously, and I know they don’t when they treat me like a child. 12 is an awkward age. It is just short of becoming teenager, and a little too old to be called a child.

Most people don’t treat 12-year-olds like they would an adult because they are not really sure how to act. But 12 is not a child. 12 is 1 year from becoming a teenager, yet I think people view me like a child and think I’m incapable of doing some things.

When someone doesn’t think I am capable, if its untrue, I turn the other cheek. If it is true, I don’t get too angry. A lot of the time people don’t even give me a chance, though. They think, “Oh, he’s a kid. Let someone else do it.” Sometimes that is life. Most of the time that annoys me.

Read the entire article here.



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