Shifting the Educational Paradigm

Shifting the Educational Paradigm
April 21, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Trust our children.

Why is that such a radical thought? It shouldn’t be.

Offer trust, breed trustworthiness.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” ~Benjamin Franklin

Trusting our children is a complete paradigm shift.
It’s controversial. It’s radical.
It’s sad.

But if we trust our children’s natural curiosity for life, creating an environment that supports that curiosity and helping them to follow their passions, how can they not thrive? How could they not learn? I don’t think the environment needs to be necessarily a physical place either. The environment can be virtual, as long as it’s filled with love and support. I have seen Miro learn, but more importantly he is learning that his interests are valid, he is learning to trust his own inspiration and he is growing into being accountable in having his own interests.


I have had to shift my paradigm of thinking about my son’s education as well. I am no longer looking at his education through the lens of formal curriculum defined for me, a measurement that was arbitrary to me anyway. My son is not functioning in a paradigm designed to measure his survival. Instead, he is thriving, and the foundation of love, support and stepping out of the box in style of life has shifted the paradigm once again.

I am noticing more of a reflection in everything we do. An immediate reflection in our world. Fill a child with love, worthiness, respect, trust and understanding and he overflows the same things back into the world. Empower a child to create their own reality, determine their own path and create their own reality, the world will be a better place from it.


  1. Yeah we are thought as kids that we don’t know what we want. But what if we do?

  2. Bluegreen Kirk 13 years ago

    Kids are better a lot of what adults tend to lose and as a result why we miss out and dont end up doing a great percentage of things in life. I always question how children great a good education when traveling but some seem to be better off then the ones in the school system.

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