6 1/2ish Hours hiking through Valley of the Giant Wax Palms [VIDEO]

6 1/2ish Hours hiking through Valley of the Giant Wax Palms [VIDEO]
April 6, 2011 Lainie Liberti
Lainie & Miro in the beautiful Cocora Valley at Salento

Lainie & Miro in the beautiful Cocora Valley at Salento

Valle de Cocora

8:45 on Saturday morning we left our cozy Salento hostel to catch an open-top World-War II era  jeep to the Valle de Cocora. From the town center we found a driver who was waiting to fill his vehicle with six willing passengers before he drove the ancient jeep to the valley. Our cost? 3000 COP  a person (aprox. $1.50) to take us the short 20 minute jaunt into in the valley.

Before we left Tralala, I had asked Hemmo how long the hike would take. He told me we could hike the entire loop in about  5 hours. Sounded good to me,  but I withheld this is a little piece of information from Miro until we got onto the trail.

Salento is the nearest town to Valle de Corcora , where the majority of tourists stay. Most of the tourists we encountered planned to- or already had  hiked the famous valley. But that early Saturday morning, we seemed to be the only tourists setting out on the trail.

Miro and I set out on our hike. Scores of wax palms dominated the landscape scenery  – huge palm trees that grow mainly in this area and which tower over the coffee bushes. We had been told how beautiful the valley was, but nothing compared to actually seeing them for ourselves.

We had rented a pair of rubber boots from the hostel, in preparation for the muddy trails, but we had no idea what actually was in store for us. As we got started, we decided to film little clips talking you along with us for our journey, instead of writing out a detail by detial description like we did with the hike we did through the Los Navados.

Below, you will find 16 little clips, taken every half hour or so as we progressed through the hike. We wanted you to feel like you came along with us and invite you to a wonderful time with us.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3 (Sorry Cows)

Video #4 Smoosh, Mud

Video #5

Video #6

Video #7

Video #8

Video #9

Video #10

Video #11

Video #12

Video #13

Video #14

Video #15

Video #16


(on a side note, we’d love to have all of these clips edited into one video journey, but don’t have the skills that takes right now. If you would like to offer to do this for us, we’d be forever grateful. Send us a note here. )

If you’d like to see the still images from this adventure, please see our flickr gallery here.

Is this something you want us to do more of? I don’t mean hiking through all the palm tree vallies of the world. I mean filming our adventures along the way? Please let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below.


  1. Rose diaz 13 years ago

    loved loved loved your series of mini clips

    • Author
      ilainie 13 years ago

      Rose! Thank you so much! We weren’t not sure if we should continue with clips or not, but your words are encouraging!!! We had so much fun making them. Would love to find someone to edit them all together for us.

  2. Rose diaz 13 years ago

    loved loved loved your series of mini clips

  3. Jack and Jill 13 years ago

    Love the mini clips too especially the one with the cow song Miro did :)nnOn a side note, IMO, I kinda prefer them this way as opposed to one long video clip so I can pick and choose the most interesting looking clips.

    • Author
      ilainie 13 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback, really! I do not know how to video edit, afraid of learning, the audio editing takes a lot of my time as it is… 😉 We really enjoyed making these little clips though. So glad you like Miro’s cow song! He’s a natural born comedian.

  4. Peter Heck 13 years ago

    BEAUTIFUL hike, right? We didn’t do the full length of it as you did (knowing how bad our feet would hurt in rubber boots, but the scenery was spectacular. One of our favorite hikes in all of South America!

    • Author
      ilainie 13 years ago

      We loved it! Miro had a “moment” when after 6 hours, we discovered we had another 5k to hike, but it was def. worth it.

  5. Marilia 13 years ago

    Keep doing some clips, they are fun.u00a0nn

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