Miro’s Hostile – Hostel Experience

Miro’s Hostile – Hostel Experience
March 14, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Miro’s First Drunken ♥ Love ♥  Hostel Experience

We mostly couch surf. Sometimes we rent a room when we stay in one place long term. We volunteer which a lot of times included lodging… and on a rare occasions, we stay in hostels. While Miro and I were in Medellin, we had a friend from who works on a small island in Panama, come visit us. We actually visited him, on Contadora Island when we were in Panama last year. So, last month, he had a few days off and he decided to come to Colombia.

Before our friend Scott arrived, Miro and I had been couch surfing for the month in Medellin and fell in love with the city. We decided to all stay in a hostel while he visited since it was much easier for a group of three. So, a few days before Scott arrived, Miro and I began to look for a hostel that we could all stay in.

We didn’t want the typical party hostel that was loud throughout the night. Nor did we want a typical family style place with a homogenized experience. We didn’t want a place in a seedy part of town. What we did want was a place with personality, and that was centrally located.


We found a small family run hostel in Poblado that seemed to fit our needs. It was quaint, economical, the décor was eclectic and it was centrally located. Perfecto, no?

There weren’t any other guests at that hotel / hostel at the time but the place did ooze with personality. The woman who ran it, seemed to match the place in the personality department, was warm and eccentric and very friendly. Seemed to be the perfect place. So settled we got.

The first day we arrived at the hotel, it was raining the whole day. We settled into our two rooms, across the hall from one another. Miro and I chatted with the inn keeper and Scott took a nap in the other room.

The inn -keeper was friendly enough, and with my bits of spanish we were able to share with her our story of our travels, where we’ve been and where we were going. She told us about her daughter who was living with her husband now in another part of the city and how she missed having her daughter here in the hostel, which also served as her home. She also told us about her husband who drove trucks for a living and was out on the road much of the time. She was very interested in Miro and spent a lot of time asking him questions about his life. Miro politely answered and when her questions felt too invasive, he would retreat into his computer.

The second day we were there it was clear during the day, but when evening hit, it rained and rained and rained some more. We ordered pizza and hung out all cozy in our rooms, as we listened to the rain on the roof. The inn keeper was surrounded by several other women who all seemed to come from the neighborhood as they sat up front together and talked. There was a clear bottle of liquor on the table between them. Each time we passed the room, we noticed there was less liquid in the bottle, and the women were getting very loud.

Scott, Miro and I gathered in the common area of the hostel, relaxing, reading, playing cards and hanging out.

As the inn keeper’s friends left, she became friendlier and friendlier towards us as the evening went on. Then, she decided she wanted to hug and kiss Miro.

Miro was having none of it and he retreated to our room.

For the next 2 hours, the drunken inn keeper continued to knock on the door, attempt to hug and kiss Miro as he either hid in his sleeping bag or the bathroom when she tried to enter for a kiss.

The next morning, the inn keeper left a note on the door for Miro covered with lipstick kiss prints.

Ah, these little life lessons, and Miro’s first experience with drunken women trying to kiss him. Much to be learned on the road of life.



  1. Michael Hodson 13 years ago

    little lady killer!! 😉

  2. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Wow. That’s pretty . . . aggressive. Hope Miro weathered that ok. Wonder if he’ll be keen on a hostel stay the next time you suggest it. LOL Oy!

  3. Nancy @familiyonbikes 13 years ago

    Oh my – remind me to tell you my Medellin drunken hostel experience sometime…

  4. Katrina 13 years ago

    Erm, did you say anything to her? Eww…

  5. Bsalvon 13 years ago

    I just found your blog and I love it! This post is especially cute. Great job!

  6. Ooh most teenager squirm at this sort of thing, how embarassing for Miro

  7. That’s a little disturbing…haha!

  8. Elisa Adcock 13 years ago

    What a colorful, funny story!u00a0

  9. Rease Kirchner 12 years ago

    hahaha, amazing. Poor Miro!

    • Author
      ilainie 12 years ago

      LOL! He got over it, but it made a good story. 🙂

  10. Toya 9 years ago

    We Are hostel hopping in Mexico. My 5 yr old loves it. Everyone adores her as she is always the only kid. Maybe the next hostel will be short one stalker. The two of us are having a wonderful time. Best wishes on your adventures

  11. Gina Perrusquia 8 years ago

    Bless his heart. Gotter learn those boundaries early in life eh’..

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