Raising Miro was featured on WanderingEducators.com

Raising Miro was featured on WanderingEducators.com
March 11, 2011 Lainie Liberti

WanderingEducators.com features our journey in this feature interview

“The internet is full of inspiration – millions of websites that teach, inspire, and inform about the world. A very few stand out from the crowd. I’ve found one such shining website, full ofjoy and enthusiasm about living fully in the world, in the moment, together. It’s a site put together by a mother and son (Lainie and Miro), about their slow travel and unschooling around the world. It’s about the real people they meet, eat and laugh with, learn from. From intercultural learning to quirky explorations to gorgeous photos of their life abroad, Raising Miro is one of the best sites I’ve ever read – inspiring, joyful, and full of curiousity about the world. We caught up with Lainie Liberti and asked her to share more about Raising Miro with our Wandering Educators. Go read the interview here.


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