We are a Global Family

We are a Global Family
February 26, 2011 Lainie Liberti

We are World Citizens First

I truly believe borders and boundaries are a thing of the past. There is only one citizenship that holds value, and that is “global citizenship”.

I come from a background of activism, which I no longer subscribe to. In the past, I strived to change the world, make a dent is issues that mattered to me, usually surround civil rights, peace and the earth’s health. This activism was a huge part of my education in compassion. However activism strives to change the world from the outside. Through traveling with my son, I have discovered that all change happens from the inside out. In other words ‘being’ the compassion can effect the world just by virtue of being in the world. By being compassion and interacting and through interacting with the adults and children we encounter, we cannot help but to effect our collective future.

What have you discoveries have you made from being a ‘Global Citizen’?

I think the most profound discovery is people are genuine and kind all over the world. It is easy to connect authentically with anyone by offering a a smile and making eye contact, even  when there are language barriers. A smile can be an  opening to a world of discovery, learning about different cultures and points of views, an experience Miro and I cherish. We have connected with homeless people on the street, children in impoverished neighborhoods, indigenous mothers, and the cosmopolitan socialites. We have made so many wonderful friends and have had the honor of being invited into so many peoples’ homes to experience a slice of their lives. The people have been the gift in the entire experience and they are the reason we keep exploring.


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