We are Taking the Travel Blog Challenge

We are Taking the Travel Blog Challenge
February 11, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Our Blog & Podcast, Our Business

Our life.

We are serious about our lives, committed to our journey. A mother and son the road for almost 2 years and looking toward completing our 8 year journey around the world. We are committed to our journey, committed to loving and learning together on the road of life and providing inspiration for your lives.

How are we doing it?

We are committed and focused on making our podcast and blog support us.
We travel frugally, we  Couch Surf and we volunteer. we have received amazing support in from our supporters, we have started offering advertising on our site.

And now, I am raising the bar, taking the 1000-1000 Challenge.

What is the 1000-1000 Challenge?

The Challenge is simple. Build your travel or lifestyle blog to the point where it earns at least $1000 USD per month and gets an average of 1000 visitors/day.

$1000 is our combined travel budget for both Miro and myself for one month. I said we lived frugally. But our commitment to maintain a professional approach and treat the business aspect of this respectfully, we are participating in this challenge sponsored by the web site: Travelblogchallenge.com The challenge is the brainchild of Todd Wassel who writes on the popular and successful travel blog Todd’s Wanderings.

Part of this challenge is being transparent on our blog disclosing our earnings so we will begin to do that as we start to sell advertising and  attract more sponsors. However, we will continue keep the amounts of the donations we receive private, in order to protect your privacy. We do want to express our ongoing gratitude to our supports as to date, we’ve  received donations from   $20 to  $1000 which have kept us traveling.

So, from time to time, you will see us add posts regarding this challenge. We appreciate your feedback and support which allows us to continue traveling and bring you podcasts for you and your family.

With much love and light, we’re jumping right in!!


  1. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Yay! Welcome to the Challenge 🙂 We are really excited to have both of you with us. I think you might be the first Pod Caster we have.

    • Author
      ilainie 13 years ago

      Awesome! I assume the principles are the same for a podcaster / blogger 🙂 We’re so excited to participate.

  2. Pablo 11 years ago

    I actually just came across the 1000-1000 challenge last night. That’s awesome that you are taking it on!

    Before I came across it I had set my goals this year to be making $500 per month with my blog by the end of the year. I divided the end goal into 3 month milestones leading up to it.

    I’m leaving my goals as is, but after finding the challenge it is definitely motivating to be thinking even bigger and seeing that others are doing the same!

    Best of luck!

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