Top 10 Things to do During a Long Airport Layover

Top 10 Things to do During a Long Airport Layover
January 13, 2011 Miro Sevin Siegel

Written by Miro:

10. Complain

This Option will never get you anywhere.

9. Eat

Because being hungry is bad. D:

8. Go to the bathroom

Because an exploding bladder is bad.

7. Internet

Not original, but who cares? Anything to pass the time, right?

….and if you are looking to get the hell out of there quicker, maybe you should search for a new flight using the website…. just a thought.

6. Yell Monty Python quotes

“I fart in your general direction!”

5. Sleep

Lay down on a bench, put a jacket over your face, and shut your eyes.

4. Sit on the other side of a bench and fart

This is the best way to annoy other passengers.

3. Make faces at people

Remember to look away quickly.

2. Run around the airport waving your arms randomly

Just like the Wacky Inflatable Tube Man!

1. Rolled up paper bag

Take a bag, roll it up and kick it around. Endless hours of fun.

Bonus activity:

Roll around on the floor like you have a seizure – The title says it all.

(Don’t forget to read my mom’s blog post about our flight to Colombia called “The Big Delay“)


  1. Will 11 years ago

    Finally a useful list!

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