The 1st 500 Days in Pictures, Part 12

The 1st 500 Days in Pictures, Part 12
December 23, 2010 Lainie Liberti

22 Photos of the Beautiful Animals We’ve Met on our Travels

(part 2 of 2)

Miro and I are both animal lovers. Connecting with animals on our travels keeps us grounded.  This is part 2 of the “Animals” group.

These are our  1st 500 Days of travel  in pictures. Miro and I left on our journey on mid 2009 and (with the exception of  one trip back to the states for Burning Man a month later) there has been no turning back! Our 1st 500 Days span from July 1, 2009 to November 13, 2010. To commemorate the 1st 500 Days, Miro and I have pulled 500 of our favorite images from our journey  to share with you. We are releasing a new batch of photos every couple of days until we’ve shared all 500 of  our favorite moments. So please do check back often. We are not professional photographers and like many, the reason we take photos is to help preserve  memories of our travels. We invite you to peek into the moments that make our travels so special to us. Enjoy!

Here is Part 12 of The 1st 500 Days in Pictures – Some of the Most Beautiful Animals We’ve Met on our Travels

I am absolutely crazy about butterflies. The eco lodge called The Trek Stop in Belize had a butterfly dome. I spent many waking hours in there, simply being with the butterflies. This photo was taken there.

Nurse sharks in the waters surround Caye Caulker, Belize. Yep, we got into those waters with the sharks to snorkel. Read about it here.

This puppy followed me around Casco Viejo in Panama City. Was it because every few moment I would bend down, pet it and talk baby talk to it? 🙂

The magical birds found on the Cosway, in Panama City, Panama.

This dog was so beautiful, posed for several pictures. He lives in Portobelo, Panama.

Cheeky Monkey, yep that’s really her name. The monkey at the Portobelo Hostel & Captain Jacks in Portobelo, Panama.

Cock on Isla Taboga, Panama.

Vultures on the playa with trash on the shores of Isla Taboga, Panama.

Bella, my beautiful street dog that adapted me in Antigua, Guatemala. She followed me everywhere, even to our local Cafe No Se and would hang out wit us until we went back home. How I miss this angel.

Bella popping up from under the table at Cafe No Se to give me a kiss!

This is Bella coming over to visit us in our house in Antigua, Guatemala. She smiled equally with her mouth and her eyes. Sending her so much love every time I look at this picture.

Goats in Parque Central in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Horses in the city, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Sharpee in Antigua Guatemala

Working horse in Antigua, Guatemala.

Dog on the beach at sunrise in Puerto San Jose, Guatemala.

Smiling dog at Johny’s Place in Montericco, Guatemala.

Beautiful colorful wild turkey at the Tikal Ruins in Guatemala.

Parrots at the Copan Ruins in Honduras.

Aguti in Panama City, Panama.

Holler Monkey at the  Punta Laguna Reserve in Mexico.

Raccoon in Manuel Antonio State Park, Costa Rica.


  1. Dayle 13 years ago

    Those were great Lainie – Thanks for sharing

  2. lisa 13 years ago

    We too loved the animals while traveling. If you make it to Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil, you will love the abundance of butterflies there. Also, we felt India was like a safari with a never ending array of animals.

    • Author
      ilainie 13 years ago

      Ah… butterflies! Thanks for the tip. We so look forward to India too. But one step at a time.. South America first!

  3. Jamie Davy 13 years ago

    it was cool to see the dog you call bella! i first knew her as black cat dog, and jess as noche. she followed us around antigua for a few weeks about a year and a half ago. only a couple of months ago while we were working at the AWARE animal shelter, we recognised her! she is now called Miranda, and we hear that she has also recently been adopted! a very famous dog.

    • Author
      ilainie 13 years ago

      Wow! This dog gets around!! I am so thrilled to hear she has a home. That seriously was the most difficult aspect of leaving Antigua. Miro and I are both so happy. She’s such a sweetheart, a little angel I think, coming into people’s lives to make them smile. Thank you again for the wonderful message!

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