The 1st 500 Days in Pictures, Part 7

The 1st 500 Days in Pictures, Part 7
December 16, 2010 Lainie Liberti

22 Photos of the Beautiful Animals We’ve Met on our Travels

(part 1 of 2)

Miro and I are both animal lovers. Connecting with animals on our travels keeps us grounded.  This is part 1 of the “Animals” group.

These are our  1st 500 Days of travel  in pictures. Miro and I left on our journey on mid 2009 and (with the exception of  one trip back to the states for Burning Man a month later) there has been no turning back! Our 1st 500 Days span from July 1, 2009 to November 13, 2010. To commemorate the 1st 500 Days, Miro and I have pulled 500 of our favorite images from our journey  to share with you. We are releasing a new batch of photos every couple of days until we’ve shared all 500 of  our favorite moments. So please do check back often. We are not professional photographers and like many, the reason we take photos is to help preserve  memories of our travels. We invite you to peek into the moments that make our travels so special to us. Enjoy!

Here is Part 7 of The 1st 500 Days in Pictures – Some of the Most Beautiful Animals We’ve Met on our Travels

3 toed sloth in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Sloths come down from their lazy tree slumber once a week to defaecate. We were lucky enough to catch this one doing his business.

Henry, our beloved dog, filled with sand after a day on the beach in Nevada.

Aquatic turtle hatchlings at the turtle reserve on Isla Muejeres, Mexico.

An underwater shot of a beautiful fish from our snorkeling trip on Caye Caulker, Belize.

A beautiful baby turtle from the turtle reserve on Isla Meujeres, popping his head out of the water to say hello.

Majestic and regal pups in San Filipe, Mexico.

Sting ray from our Belize snorkeling trip.

A couple of boars hanging with their friend the iguana.

It’s an eel living in the waters surrounding Caye Caulker.

Smiling iguana at the Tulum Ruins in Mexico.

A gang of dogs in Mexico.

Brain coral in Belize.

One of the many street dogs I would feed in Guatemala. We called this guy Amarillo (which means yellow in Spanish).

Harry Potter’s owls living in the Managua Zoo in Nicaragua.

One of the many beautiful cows living on  Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua.

Feeding another dog in Antigua, Guatemala. I always carried around a bag of doggie treats with me. Over the 6 months we were there, the dogs got to know me, trust me and on many occasions, follow me home.

Monkey living in the trees tucked into the mangroves near Quepos, Costa Rica.

Beautiful twin dogs playing at the water’s edge at playa Venado in Panama.

Nurse sharks we swam with in Belize.

Two toed sloth living in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Holler monkey living in the trees in Nosara, Costa Rica.  Yep, there’s no doubt this monkey has “balls”.

Hypno toad in Nosara, Costa Rica.

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  1. Sonet Digital 13 years ago

    Fantastic pictures guys. Loved them all. Those wild dogs, and a Sloth. What a great adventure – I can almost feeling it.

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