Podcast Episode #8 – Sleeping with Strangers

Podcast Episode #8 – Sleeping with Strangers
August 12, 2010 Lainie Liberti

The Couchsurfing Project.

In Episode #8 Lainie & Miro talk about their experiences with the global project known as Couchsurfing.com As longtime Couchsurfers & hosts, they have made many significant friendships through the project, experienced a global community, and provided & received the economic benefits associated with Couchsurfing during travel.  Also in this episode, Lainie interviews Tom, Couchsurfing Ambassador from Bonn Germany about his role in the project.

In a world of war and prejudice, Couchsurfing encourages tolerance and understanding.”

“In a world of greed and avarice, Couchsurfing stands for sharing.”

“In a world of selfishness and individualism, Couchsurfing advocates generosity.”

~Abilio M Godoy (Brazil)

Ever thought about Couchsurfing? Wondered what all the fuss was about? Interested in surfing someone’s couch on your next trip?

Couchsurfers in the Park

Couchsurfers Lauren, Lainie, Katka & Miro

In Episode#8, Lainie and Miro share  insights into the Couchsurfing mission, provide real world tips to make all Couchsurfing experiences positive,  and addresses  safety issues surrounding “sleeping with strangers”. Lastly, both Lainie, Miro and Tom, share real-world stories from the couch-a-sphere, including the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you haven’t already tried it, sign up at Couchsurfing.org and connect with Lainie and Miro there.

Participate in Creating a Better World, One Couch at a Time.

What is Couchsurfing?

It’s a community of people, not to be confused with simply a , free accommodation. It is true that one of the many benefits of Couchsurfing is that it can make your travels more affordable, however the most meaningful benefit is the connection you make with other Couchsurfers.

Dutch Couchsurfer Martin, showing his new tattoo of Miro’s drawing

Miro and Lainie share some of their stories and experiences surrounding the Couchsurfing project. They address the human and cultural cultural exchanges made that make this world a better place to live in. The Couchsurfing project helps to raise the collective consciousness, spread tolerance, and facilitate greater cultural understandings. All that, by opening up one’s personal spaces, hosting & being hosted and sharing what it means to be a global citizen.

Lainie and Miro have been involved in Couchsurfing since 2007, when they hosted their first guest in their Los Angles  loft. They  continued to host many people over the year before they left the country, somewhere around 30 guests over that period of time. After that, the two Couchsurfed in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, until finally settling in Antigua, Guatemala for 6 months where they became one of the only couchs available and ended up hosting well over 50 travelers during that period of time.

Next, Lainie interviews, Tom Asten,a long-time Couchsurfer, Ambassador to Bonn, Germany & Couchsurfing evangelist. Tom shares some of his experiences hosting & on the road.

Listen to Tom as he shares some of his experiences hosting and being hosted. He also addresses some of the other ways he participates in the Couchsurfing Project as an Ambassador. Last, Tom shares a couple humorous horror stories, “tales of a few naughty couchsurfers”.



At CouchSurfing International, we envision a world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places they encounter. Building meaningful connections across cultures enables us to respond to diversity with curiosity, appreciation and respect. The appreciation of diversity spreads tolerance and creates a global community.

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Surfing the World Wide Couch

By PENELOPE GREEN – September 20, 2007

CouchSurfing: Tips for a Smooth Experience

By Katie Hammel   |   June 19th, 2009

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  1. Anonymous 14 years ago

    Excellent podcast! I can’t wait to hit up the Couchsurfers once I hit the road in a few months. Lovely getting to see your blog, too! 🙂

  2. Author
    ilainie 14 years ago

    Thank you so much Kate! Loved your article too on CouchSurfing! I look forward to following your adventures as well!nnhttp://www.adventurouskate.com/how-to-couchsurf-without-couchsurfing/

  3. Anonymous 14 years ago

    I just wanted to say that something about hearing Miro describe his favorite Couchsurfers made me tear up. The girl from Greece misses you a bunch.

  4. Tour Absurd 14 years ago

    Hahaha, “not a dating site.” My husband and I tell that to people all the time. We were both living in the same city, hosting people separately, but met at a local CS meeting. CS-ers often find it much easier to live with other CS-ers who already understand the lifestyle and the amazing people you get to meet — but that was not our motivation for joining!nnI, too, am a bit of a CS evangelist. Nice to hear you are, too, and about all your lovely experiences. *hugs*nnps: Maybe we’ll meet at BRC, or Nowhere (the playa’s European cousin; goingnowhere.org), one of these days. 😀

  5. Drina Murphy 13 years ago

    Couchsurfing, that’s the first time I’ve heard of it but what a great idea:)

  6. Bucketlist 12 years ago

    I Love your post very much. Keep it up i will come again.

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