Green New World & The Conscious Convergence

Green New World & The Conscious Convergence
July 25, 2010 Lainie Liberti

I received this beautiful email summation of the Conscious Convergence we attended last weekend at Lake Atitlan. David was one of our hosts for the event. With his permission, I am re-posting his description of the weekend here:

The Conscious Convergence ceremony was a magical event on the sacred hill of Tzako’huil, overlooking San Marcos. The globally synchronized meditation was guided at this point of unique synchronicity by Chatty, the founder of the renowned spiritual center “Las Pyramides“.

Many felt the vibration of connectedness with other meditators around the planet.
On 13 Eb, a powerful Mayan calendar date signifying the road of grass, the road of the tree of life, thousands of meditators around the world synchronized at 4am Universal Time to set the intention of unity consciousness for humanity, a push towards transcendence into the 9th wave of consciousness.

During the ceremony, the four elements were invoked and a call was made to take action and bring light to the places where there is none, through the creation of spiritual centers around the world. The ceremony continued with the guidance of Tata Pedro, one of the Mayan Elder day keepers, accompanied by a guest curandero from Mexico. Rain threatened to snuff out the sacred fire, in which offerings of copal, myrrh, and tobacco were made to the twenty nahuales, but the sky cleared up and the ceremony continued.
Lunch was offered on a donation basis at our youth hostel and cultural center, Xamanek .

Afterwards, I facilitated a roundtable discussion on traveler support networks and the birth of a new form of economic and energetic exchange. Excerpts from the discussion can be found here, “Exploring new models for sustainable living and creating a community of unity.”

Massage and reiki sessions were offered on a donation basis, and we closed the evening with two documentary showings: David Icke’s “Beyond the Cutting Edge” and “Other Worlds: A Journey into the Heart of Shipibo Shamanism“.

Sunday morning closed the ceremony with an uplifting heart meditation, where each participant passed time in the middle of the meditation circle, receiving the energy of the other meditators.

Work continues as we develop our future living center overlooking the Lake, and a host of wonderful volunteers with a wide range of skills continue to arrive and lend a hand in the building of our shared dream.

This week, a greenhouse went up, and construction was initiated on a compost heap-heated shower!

For those attending Burning Man Arts Festival in lake August, we have been scheduled to give a presentation during the Sustainability activities taking place at Entheon Village. For all those attending this great convergence of consciousness, we will see you there!

Love & Light,


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