Podcast Episode #4 – Bicycling Across the Globe- 2 Amazing Stories

Podcast Episode #4 – Bicycling Across the Globe- 2 Amazing Stories
July 15, 2010 Lainie Liberti

Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things:  Leaving your mark on the world in big and little ways.

This episode includes two candid conversations with two extraordinary people, who both find themselves exploring the world on their bicycles.  We touch on  issues of green travel,  interacting positively with diverse cultures and combating fear along the way.This episode includes Miro’s thoughts on the little things we all can do to be eco-conscious  +  2 interviews:   A Swedish bicycle rider on a 3 Continental bike tour & an interview with a man who has been on a global 8 year tandem bike journey, pedaling for peace.

Lainie & Miro share  their feelings about slow travel and taking little steps to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

In Lainie’s past life (professionally speaking)  she worked creating messaging and marketing campaigns for green-eco companies. In her personal life, she lived as consciously as possible and was  a strong supporter of leaving a small carbon footprint. This all Miro knows, and has grown up consciously aware.  But how do you do that when you are traveling? Miro offers a few small tips.

Lainie & Miro speak with Hanna, photographer, journalist and trans-American bicycle rider.

Meet Hanna Jakobson. Traveling is her passion, enhanced through years of backpacking, months of field studies abroad and weeks of walking through foreign lands and mountain regions.

A couple of years ago she replaced her usual backpack with bicycle panniers and decided to embark upon a trans-American journey.  Her route includes starting in Vancouver, traveling southbound down the western United States coast through North America, exploring the shores of Central America and venturing through mountains of South America.   The finishing point is not yet certain,and the goal:  simply cycling the roads of the Americas and experiencing the adventure along the way.

Hanna is a journalist in Sweden but has taken a sabbatical from her career to experience life. Along the way, her encounters and experiences have been written down, recorded and photographed. Her journalism has been published as articles and radio dispatches covering topics from her past and current travels including  the situation of Beijing, reports from the townships in South Africa and photographs from the top of Kilimanjaro.

For more info on Hanna Jakobson, visit her web site here.

Lainie interviews Jamie Bianchini, founder of Peace Pedalers

Peace Pedalers is a “Worldwide Invitation to Ride”. That means YOU are invited! What an amazing tagline!

Lainie felt blessed when she had the opportunity to sit down with Jamie, founder of PeacePedalers.com and the Peace Pedalers Project. He has been traveling around the globe on his bicycle for many years ,  spreading a message of peace and hope. Remarkably, he’s been doing so on a tandem-style bicycle, inviting people to join him on the journey and filming their encounters.

Through cultural understanding and by sharing the beautiful truth about how caring, loving and friendly our world really is, Jamie brings the message that everyone can, indeed, reduce unnecessary fear in the world and  help foster a global collaboration for world peace.

Their vision is beautiful, something that Miro and I resonate with.

Jamie arrived in Antigua, Guatemala where Lainie had the opportunity to interview him. He is at the tail end of an 8 year across the world journey, leaving only North America left after this. When Lainie spoke with him, he so graciously took time away from his packing as he was leaving that evening to fly to Barcelona Spain, to meet his newborn son for the first time. Lainie was so grateful he granted a few minutes of his time to the Raising Miro Podcast.

For more information on Jamie, The Peace Pedalers Project and the social programs he’s helped launch across the globe, please visit his web site at PeacePedalers.com.

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The intro & outro were engineered by Hanna Jakobson, music “Multilayered Timbres” by Dr. Pimp courtesy of CC (creative commons) license.



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